White skin beauty affection fun underwear

Understand the concept of white skin

White skin is a beautiful standard for many women, and its main pursuit is fair, clean and smooth skin.In terms of underwear selection, the pursuit of white skin is reflected in the color and material of sexy underwear.Choosing light or light fabrics such as light or transparent lace can better highlight the fair complexion, increase softness and sexy, and bring a better physical and mental experience to the wearer.

How to choose a style that suits you

The style of sexy underwear is also one of the key to choice.Generally speaking, sexy underwear can be roughly divided into 4 styles: rabbit girls, uniforms, wedding dresses and lace.The style of the rabbit girl is more cute, suitable for petite women, and uniforms are classic styles to show women’s soft side.Wedding is a more elegant style, suitable for women who like lightness.Lace is the most common and most commonly selected style.Choose the one that suits you in these styles, which can highlight your advantages and your own personality.

How to choose underwear size

It is also very important to choose the right underwear size.Not only can it highlight the advantages of the figure, but it can also avoid uncomfortable wearing.The size is wrong, and it is prone to poor breast spillover, unstable movement up and down.Therefore, the method of choosing a suitable underwear size is to measure the chest, lower bust and waist circumference with a tape, and then find the corresponding size in a professional underwear shop.

What should I pay attention to when choosing underwear materials

Although the appearance is very important, the material of the underwear cannot be ignored.Priority should be preferred to choose good breathability, soft and delicate fabrics, such as cotton, Han Hong and so on.Otherwise, it will cause skin allergies or marks, which will cause physical discomfort.In addition, many sexy underwear considers women’s needs for comfort in design, and they are equipped with special lining materials and cup structures to provide a sense of comfort.

How to correctly wear sexy underwear

Even if you choose the right size and material, you should pay attention to the method of dressing.When wearing a sexy underwear, you must adjust the shoulder straps, adopt the appropriate hook buckle, adjust the appropriate position, etc. to ensure that each part is comfortable and relaxed, no traces.If it is a complex underwear style, it means special dressing skills. At this time, you need to read the instructions of the sexy underwear and observe the details of the production.

For those who are suitable for wearing sexy underwear

There are many occasions for wearing sexy underwear, such as romantic Valentine’s Day, wedding night, special birthday party, sex travel, and so on.Passing with underwear with nights can create a unique private atmosphere.Of course, you can also wear a comfortable sexy underwear at home, adding a fun and fun to life.In short, sexy underwear is not for women’s body to bonuse points all the time, but also increases the feelings between husbands and wives.

How to consider the brand and price

In terms of choosing brands and prices, everyone has their own preferences and budgets.Some people may be very expensive, while others are more sensitive to prices.Some well -known brands have unique selling points in style and quality, while some brands can provide more cost -effective options.The key is to choose the right brand and price range according to your own budget and needs.

How to maintain sexy underwear

It is also a necessary step to correctly maintaining fun underwear.Especially some more fine styles, too intense washing methods may damage fabrics and affect the wearing effect.Therefore, before washing, it is recommended to read the washing label and follow the instructions for cleaning.In addition, use warm water or handwashing as much as possible to ensure the material performance of the underwear.Finally, keep a dry storage environment and avoid long -term exposure or moisture.

How to match underwear and other clothing

Matching is the key to allowing underwear to have more possibilities and sexy agility.The color of the underwear should be matched with the colors as possible. For example, white underwear with thin shoulder straps, pink underwear with dark dresses, and so on.In terms of clothing materials, the texture of the underwear is worth mentioning. For example, with the material of stockings with underwear, it can increase the visual coherence.

How to wear sexy underwear self -confidence

For many people, the self -confidence of underwear wearing is a mindset that needs to be broken.Many people are prone to some self -sets because of the sense of wearing underwear or their own figures, which leads to the loss of fashion elements such as sexy underwear.In fact, if you want to maintain confidence and the charm of women in sexy underwear, you can also try to look at a little more, buy a little more, and wear more times to make yourself better in your body and sexy.


In short, wearing erotic underwear is a self -satisfaction experience that allows women to increase their own feelings and self -confidence.In terms of choice and wear, you should choose according to actual needs to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and error concepts.I hope to give each woman a more beautiful and sexy sexy underwear choice through this article.

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