White -collar uniform sex lingerie temptation novels

Background introduction

The background of the story is set in a large white -collar company. The heroine is a sexy and charming professional woman.She wore uniform uniforms in the company on weekdays, but hidden a secret -she likes to wear sexy underwear.

The first trial

After buying the first set of sexy underwear, the heroine couldn’t wait to try on the upper body and studied her appearance in front of the mirror.At this time, a colleague of the company accidentally entered her office.

Colleague’s discovery

The colleague looked at the heroine’s smile, eyes and special atmosphere, and began to doubt her secret.A few days later, colleagues confessed to the heroine, but were rejected by the heroine.


Under the influence of colleagues and constant trials, the heroine gradually began to open up, frankly confessed that she liked the facts of sexy underwear, and invited colleagues to buy sexy underwear together.

The buds of the company’s rumors

The black and white company uniforms make the heroine’s behavior that does not follow the card.Slowly, rumors and rumors began to circulate in the company, infecting layers like viruses.

The beginning of new life

The heroine of the past has been obscure, and now she has her own charm and has begun to have a new life that belongs to her.She began to share photos of her sexy underwear on social networks, and also began to share her dress with her friends.

Surprising pressure

Although the heroine herself firmly believes that wearing a sexy underwear is her own choice, she will still be questioned by the people around, and this pressure has a certain impact on her heart.

Inner struggle

The heroine began to doubt whether her choice was correct, and began to want to give up the hobby of sexy underwear.However, her desire that belonged to her inside made her unable to calm down.

Go towards the sun again

After the heroine experienced a short period of struggle, he re -realized his infinite possibility of pursuit of sexy underwear.She put on a sexy underwear again and walked to the sun confidently.

Perception and praise

The heroine has a deeper understanding of her sexy underwear journey. She believes that everyone should have the right to do what they like, and don’t have to pay attention to the eyes of the people around.At the same time, she also praised, thinking that the sexy underwear brought herself unlimited charm and confidence.

In modern society, the theme of sex is gradually moving towards popularization, and buying white -collar uniform sexy underwear is a way to make life more interesting.As long as you like, enjoy it.

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