Which township in Guanyun produces sexy underwear

Which township in Guanyun produces sexy underwear


With the change of the times, sexy underwear has become a popular fashion.As a special underwear, in addition to the most basic underwear function, it also emphasizes a variety of elements such as sexy, gender, and color.However, the quality of sexy underwear of different brands is uneven, and the price is very different.

The distribution of sexy underwear nationwide

The distribution of sexy underwear nationwide is widely distributed. It is understood that Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian and other places have companies that produce sexy underwear.However, with the spread of the epidemic, Guanyun County, Jiangsu Province has gradually become a concentrated place for producing sexy underwear.

Number of Guanyun County brand

As a manufacturing center for sex underwear, Guanyun County has multiple brands.It is understood that Guanyun County has more than 10 professional sexy underwear manufacturers.

Guanyun County Fun underwear area distribution

The fun underwear enterprises in Guanyun County are mainly distributed in major industrial parks in the county seats, such as Jinsong Industrial Park, Hanshan Industrial Park and Rundong Industrial Park.

Features of Guanyun County Fun Underwear Features

Interesting underwear in Guanyun County, on the one hand, pays attention to the texture, so that wearers can fully experience comfort; at the same time, they also pay great attention to fashion and design, so that sex underwear stands out from ordinary underwear.

Guanyun County Fun Underwear Material Selection

Sex underwear fabrics usually use high -quality fabrics such as silk, lace, fiber, and polyester fiber, which have the characteristics of breathing, softness, and comfort.At the same time, these fabrics also have certain elasticity, can show their figure well and enhance the sexy charm of the wearer.

Guanyun County Fun Underwear Trending Wind direction

Guanyun County, which has many erotic underwear companies, pays great attention to the trend of the trend in terms of sexy underwear design.The fun underwear style of Guanyun County is stylish and modern, and it takes the frontier line of trend.

Guanyun County Fun Underwear Price

Compared with international first -line brands, the price of sexy underwear in Guanyun County is more affordable.Even the same material and design, the sexy underwear of Guanyun County is much cheaper than the international brand products.

Sales of sexy underwear in Guanyun County

Due to the quality of the sexy underwear in Guanyun County and affordable prices, it is favored by consumers at home and abroad.In March 2021, the export of sexy underwear in Guanyun County reached 280 million.

The market prospects of sexy underwear in Guanyun County

With the improvement of people’s living standards and the increase in the demand for sex life, the market prospects of sex underwear are very broad.As a sexy underwear manufacturing center, Guanyun County has a complete industrial chain and relatively mature manufacturing technology. The future market prospects are unlimited.


In general, Guanyun County has a clear advantage in the field of sexy underwear.Whether it is in terms of the number of brands, regional distribution, material selection, trend wind direction, price, etc., it has strong competitiveness.In the future, the development of the sex underwear industry of Guanyun County is broad, and it is worth looking forward to.

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