Which number of pink deep V connects with physical underwear

Which number of pink deep V connects with physical underwear


In recent years, sex lingerie has become more and more popular with women, and deep V conjoined underwear has attracted much attention.This article will introduce you a pink deep V with a sexy underwear and tell you its number.

What is a deep V and a body sexy sheet

Deep V’s sexy underwear refers to a sexy underwear with a deeper V -shaped design on the chest and a deeper chest.It has the effects of abdomen, stretching the body, and highlighting the chest curve, which is more attractive than traditional underwear.

Which brand of pink deep V connected to physical erotic underwear is the most popular

In the market, multiple brands have launched deep V and sexy underwear, including Victoria’s Secret, Lusty Lady, Le Lingerie, Spicy Lingerie and other brands the most popular.The pink deep V of this article comes from Victoria’s Secret.

Pink dark V connects the material and thickness of the sexy underwear

The fabric of this underwear is lace, and 5%of the spandex increases elasticity and fit. The transparent texture is very sexy and seductive.The whole underwear is moderate as a whole, and it will not be too thick or too weak.

Pink dark V connects with physical sex underwear applicable occasions

This exquisite underwear is suitable for various occasions, such as: evening gifts, low -cut matching, romantic nights, party singing, or lying on lying gathers.Put on it to show you dignified and generous sexy charm.

Pink dark V connects the size of the sexy underwear

This underwear optional size is S, M, and L.Among them, S code is suitable for wearing beautiful women with 70A, 70B, 75A, and 75B. The M code is suitable for beautiful women with 75C, 80A, 80B, 80C. The L code is suitable for beautiful women with 80D, 85A, 85B, 85C, and 85D.

What is the number

The number of this pink deep V connecting the sexy underwear is: V6591.

Where can I buy V6591

You can buy this underwear on the official website of Victoria’s Secret or Taobao, JD.com and other e -commerce platforms.

How to clean up

First of all, in order to avoid the hook on the lace surface, the underwear should be washed separately.Secondly, it is recommended to use cold water hands to wash or put underwear in the laundry bag, select the washing method of the shower mode, and use a professional pure natural washing solution to gently clean.Do not use bleach or soaking agent, which will have an irreparable impact on the quality of the underwear.


The above is the number and related introduction of pink deep V with a sexy underwear.For beautiful women, beautiful underwear is a good helper to show its charm.I hope this article can provide some references for your shopping journey to satisfy your unique pursuit of beauty.

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