Which film is wearing more sex underwear

Which film is wearing more sex underwear

In movies, sexy underwear is often used to express the sexy and tempting of characters.Let ’s take a look at which movies have appeared in a large number of sexy underwear scenes.

1. "Master Sex"

In this movie, there are many sexy and charming heroines’ sexy underwear.From black lace, transparent lace to low -cut lace, the sexy underwear in this movie is everything.

2. "Mermaid"

As a sci -fi movie, the sex lingerie scene in "Mermaid" seems to be incompatible with the theme, but its wearing design is very creative.Metal sexy underwear worn by robot women’s models, and sexy underwear with unlimited cartoon patterns.

3. "Black Swan"

The film tells the story of a young and rich ballet dancer.Of course, sexy underwear also appears in this movie.The colorful lingerie with dance with dark background brings a strange and thrilling feeling to the audience.

4. "Color Ring"

As a sexy and violent movie, the sexy lingerie scenes in "The Rings" will naturally not be less.The love wood underwear in the movie is mainly dark red and black, full of desire and charm.

5. "Twilight"

I have to say that the "Twilight" series of movies are the classics in the hearts of modern women.Most of the sexy underwear scenes in the film, Bella, are mostly classic lace, transparent materials and other types. There are not many creativity but very sexy.

6. "Great Eyes"

With its sci -fi theme, this film has brought a very shocking visual effect to the audience, and there are many sexy lingerie scenes.Pink, red, transparent and other styles, colorful erotic underwear dresses, adds a lot of colors to the movie.

7. "Love Barcelona"

This classic movie also involves sexy underwear in the plot.The heroines of the heroines and sexy and sexy are often wearing different styles of sexy underwear, showing unique sexy charm.

8. "color, ring"

This film completely shows the beauty of oriental women wrapped in sexy underwear.In this movie, sexy underwear is an elegant product. Most of them are very good textured underwear such as black and white, showing the secret sexy of Oriental women during the feudal period.

9. "Bohemia Madgen"

This movie is full of rock atmosphere and strange artistic style, so the sexy lingerie scene is naturally full of strange design.Metal texture and colorful sexy lingerie wear more fantasy and adventure into.

10. "Little Woman"

There are very few sexy underwear scenes in this movie, but it clearly expresses a silent but sincere information: women do not have to put on sexy underwear in order to pursue sexy. We can also feel beautiful and confident.

In general, the use of sexy underwear in the movie is basically to tell the sexy and charm of the character, and the style also follows the characteristics of the character.Whether it is black lace or transparent lace, whether it is metal sexy underwear or low -cut lace, sexy underwear is a perfect accessories that express sexy and charm.

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