Which brand of selling sex underwear is good

Introduction: Fun underwear market analysis

With the continuous development of society, sexy underwear has gradually become a part of fashion.When buying sexy underwear, many people will encounter a problem with which brand you choose.So, which brand is good for selling sexy underwear?This article will answer you from multiple perspectives such as brand awareness, design style, material, and price.

Brand awareness: La Perla

La Perla is an internationally renowned erotic underwear brand with a long history and excellent quality.It has a variety of styles, from simple to sexy, and has a matching pajamas, swimsuit and other products.The brand is well -known and is favored by consumers. It is one of the first choice for buying sex underwear.

Design style: Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a British sex lingerie brand. Its design style is diversified. It has both sexy and romantic styles, as well as cute and playful series.A consumer with a variety of personality and needs.Brands focus on innovation and innovate. It is the favorite of many young people.

Material: Wolford

As the representative brand of Italian sexy underwear, Wolford’s products pay attention to materials, and each piece of underwear uses high -quality fabrics and workmanship.The perfect combination of sexy style and comfort texture makes women not only have aesthetics and comfort when wearing.

Price: Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret, as a US sexy underwear brand, is more affordable than other brands, and will often launch discount activities, which is loved by consumers.It has a variety of styles and is fresh from sex. It is suitable for consumers with different needs.

Style: Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is a well -known fashion brand, and its sexy underwear is the representative of the basic style.The style is simple, generous, soft and breathable, and is loved by consumers.For those who like fresh and simple wearing style, Calvin Klein’s sexy underwear is very suitable.


Chantelle is a French sex lingerie brand. Its products are mainly high -quality and high -end positioning. Following the female body curve, the material is very sophisticated.Good quality, don’t worry about lack of oxygen after wearing.Its style is diverse, focusing on details and sexy, and exudes women’s elegance and noble when wearing.

Innovation: rouje

Rouje is a French newly interesting underwear brand, which reflects romance and femininity.The most prominent point is innovation. It combines tradition and modernity and uses very creative elements to create very stories of sexy underwear. At the same time, it is injected into fashion elements and is loved by fashion enthusiasts.

Suitable for daily wear: H & M;

H & M is a brand that focuses on affordable cost -effective, and its sexy underwear series is the same.The style is simple and generous, suitable for daily wear, and the price is relatively affordable at the same time, which is loved by consumers.

Literary style: lonely

Lonely is a brand from New Zealand. The design style of the sexy underwear gives a sense of literary and gentle, and it is more suitable for women who pursue literary style and romantic atmosphere.At the same time, its quality is also very high, and the comfort is extremely high.

Classic style: Triumph

As a historic sexy underwear brand, Triumph has its high -end product positioning, and its classic style is popular with consumers.Its characteristics are the combination of sexy and noble and elegant, and is loved by mature women consumers.


Which brand of sex underwear is good?Through the above analysis, we can see that each brand has its unique advantages. You can choose the appropriate brand according to your needs and style to make ourselves match different dressing styles.

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