Where to wear sex underwear

How to wear sexy underwear in summer?

Summer is a good time to wear sexy underwear.But how can we wear comfortable and sexy atmosphere in hot weather?The following is the suggestion I shared:

Choose light and cool fabric

For summer sexy underwear, it is best to choose light and cool fabrics such as cotton, silk, satin or lace.These fabrics will not be attached to the skin, and they have good breathability, which can keep the skin dry.

Women’s sexy underwear or men’s and women’s universal sexy underwear?

When choosing a sexy underwear, you should consider your gender.Women should choose women’s sexy underwear because these underwear have a better wear experience and adaptability.Men and women’s universal sexy underwear is suitable for long -term single or couples to wear together.

Put on high -quality sexy underwear

Interest underwear needs to be positioned correctly, and it should not just buy cheap underwear for one night stand.In order to ensure that you wear safe and comfortable, choosing high -quality sexy underwear is very important.

Choose the size according to the figure

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must pay attention to select the size according to your body.If the underwear is too tight or too loose, it will affect your wear experience and appearance effect.Therefore, prepare your own size data in advance, and choose a sexy underwear that suits you according to the brand’s size measurement management system.

A trace of sexy

When wearing fun underwear in summer, don’t be sexy, but reveal a trace of sexy.For example, you can expose your skin or expose some skin on your pants to increase interest and sexy.

Personalized selection element

The choice of sexy underwear should also be matched with personality, try to choose your favorite color and style.For example, if you like a sweet route, you can choose the pink series of sexy underwear; if you like heavy taste, you can choose the style of black and leather.

Attention to detail

When choosing a sexy underwear, it is best to choose underwear with detailed design.These details design can make you more charming.For example: the half cup of lace lace with stockings, tight T -shirts, tight pants, etc., are excellent choices.

Match appropriate accessories

Exquisite accessories such as bracelets, brooches, and waist chains can add the charm of sexy underwear.But remember, don’t choose excessive accessories, otherwise you will look crowded.

Adopt a soft fragrance

The soft aroma can increase the atmosphere of porn underwear and make people feel more relaxed.When choosing perfume, you can try floral or fruity.However, pay attention to the combination of style and taste.


Summer is the best time to wear sexy underwear. Choosing cool and breathable fabrics, paying attention to detail design, proper accessories, and using soft fragrance can help you be more sexy and confident.However, when wearing underwear, we still need to pay attention to the safety of wearing underwear and our own wearing experience in order to truly enjoy the beautiful feelings brought by the sexy lingerie.

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