What style of sexy underwear on the breasts

What style of sexy underwear on the breasts

1. Choose underwear materials

It is very important to choose a sexy underwear that is suitable for you. For women with small breasts, choosing some close, soft, breathable, thinner, and elastic underwear will be more comfortable, and at the same time make the chest look full.

Second, choose a gathering underwear

Putting on a gathering underwear can effectively concentrate the chest, making the chest look fuller and more upright.In addition, the chest cushion filling of the gathered underwear can also have a certain filling effect, making the chest look more curved.

3. Choose elastic sexy underwear

The more elastic sexy underwear can better fit the body, set off the beautiful body, and will not make the chest sagging after putting it on, making the whole person look very energetic.

4. Choose a smaller underwear cup

Women with small breasts should choose smaller underwear cups so that the chest can be fully stuffed into the cup, making the chest look fuller.If a large cup is used, it will cause a gap and destroy the perfect effect.

Fifth, choose stretching sexy underwear

The stretching lingerie can make the wearer more free and comfortable. It is more close to wear, and at the same time, it meets the chest curve and shows a perfect figure.

6. Choose sexy underwear with lace

Use lace stitching sexy underwear, which can focus on the elegant curve of nature, so as to make up for the shortcomings of the chest and make the chest more full.

7. Choose a sexy underwear with a rope belt

The lingerie with rope band is the reason why many women love sexy underwear, because the rope is not only beautiful, but also visually extended its body, giving people a tall and more beautiful feeling.

8. Choose a spoiler -available sexy underwear

Adjusting the strap can be adjusted loose or firming according to its own needs, so that it can be comfortable to wear and make the chest fuller.

Nine, choose a sexy lingerie with chest pads and pressure patterns

A sexy underwear with chest pads can make the small chest look plump and elastic.The sexy underwear with pressure lines can increase the curve of the chest and make the chest more upright.

10. Pay attention to choose the right style

Women with small breasts try to avoid choosing too loose underwear and choosing the right style to be able to live enough and sexy.For example, you can choose a sexy underwear with a thin shoulder strap or stockings to increase the femininity of the wearer.

Finally: The size of the chest does not determine our charm. It is the most important thing to wear the right underwear. If you believe that you love beauty, you can choose to choose the sexy underwear that suits you best.

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