What should I do if I feel ashamed to wear sexy underwear

What should I do if I feel ashamed to wear sexy underwear

Wearing a sexy underwear is a manifestation of sexy and interesting, but for some people, wearing sexy underwear will feel ashamed and uncomfortable.This feeling may originate from personal personality or perception of sex, but it should not prevent this feeling hinder your life.In this article, we will explore some methods to help you overcome this feeling and let you wear sexy underwear confidently.

Find a style that suits you

Everyone’s body and preferences are different, and the occasion of sexy underwear will vary from person to person.Some people may prefer sexy styles, while others prefer romantic colors.First of all, you should spend time looking for a style that suits you and find some choices that make you feel confident and comfortable.If you wear the style and style that does not match your personality and preferences, then you will feel very shame when wearing a sexy underwear.

Try a variety of occasions

Participating in various occasions in sexy underwear may help you overcome shame.You can try to try to wear sexy underwear at a relatively private party so that you can gradually find your own self -confidence without having to feel uncomfortable in the general court.Then you can slowly improve your comfort and choose a more challenging occasion to try.

Experience with your partners

If your partner is also interested, wearing a sexy underwear with him/her may be a trick.This allows you to explore each other’s bodies and enjoy each other’s good times.In this atmosphere, you may be more relaxed and confident, and enjoy the comfort and excitement brought by erotic underwear.

Try various accessories

If you are still not sure which sexy underwear to choose, then you can try a variety of different accessories.Sometimes, wearing a few sexy underwear with various accessories can help you find your own style and preference.With your partner, try to try some different accessories so that you can gradually find some choices that make you feel confident and satisfactory.

Try to focus on yourself

When you wear sexy underwear, you must try to focus on yourself.Don’t worry too much about the views of others, because you wear sexy underwear for your own comfort and joy.Try to relax your behavior and attitude and enjoy the feeling of sexy underwear.In the end, when you can wear sexy underwear when you feel comfortable, you will find that you are no longer ashamed, but confidence and joy.

Find the person you can trust

Sometimes finding people who can trust and dependence may be particularly important.Those who are around you, especially your partner and the closest friends, may help and support.Share your thoughts and experience with them may help you solve some unnecessary shame and anxiety.

Try to change your attitude

Choosing to wear sex underwear may be a good way to help you change attitude and observe some problems.In other words, wearing erotic underwear may be a way to make you feel more confident and independent.If you can try a different self -character, you may bring a new experience and understanding to your life.

Relax your body and mind

When you wear sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to relax your body and mind.Practice some yoga or meditation, learn to breathe, let go of your defense and anxiety, and let yourself feel this beautiful moment.Relaxing your body and mind can make you feel more comfortable and confident, and to overcome the feeling of shame.

Learn to accept yourself

The last method is to learn to accept yourself.Your body and personality are so unique and beautiful. Even if you don’t wear sexy underwear, you are cute and beautiful.Wearing a sexy underwear helps you strengthen this self -awareness and make you realize that you are sexy and charm.Let yourself fall in love with yourself and make you feel omnipotent.


A sense of shame is a very natural feeling, especially in some private or sensitive occasions.However, this feeling should not prevent you from trying and learning new things, especially about wearing sex underwear.Through the above methods, you can gradually overcome shame and make yourself feel more confident and beautiful on different occasions.

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