What sexy underwear in my legs

Fat -legged girls’ sexy underwear selection problems

For many fat -legged girls, when buying sexy underwear, you will encounter some selection problems, and you need to comprehensively consider factors such as style, design, material and dressing feelings.

Select sexy underwear with slimming function

When choosing a sexy underwear, choosing a slimming design can relieve the trouble caused by the fat legs to a certain extent.Choose a fun underwear with functionality such as thin waist or shaping can get good results.

Choose high -waisted sexy underwear

High -waisted sexy underwear can help cover fat and shape the perfect body.This design can extend from the waist to the root of the thigh, which not only has a significant modification effect, but also improves the comfort of wearing.

Streaming line -cut erotic lingerie beauty

For fat -legged girls, streamlined sexy underwear can be beautified and reduced.This design can be close to the body curve, highlighting the slender waist and hip curve.

Choose comfortable materials

In order to wear the comfort, you should choose materials with good breathability and excellent quality.Not only that, you should choose cotton fabrics and appropriate fabrics to reduce discomfort caused by friction.

Dressing is equivalent to quality

The quality of sexy underwear determines the feeling of wearing. You must not just look at the appearance, but also the quality.High -quality underwear can bring you a long -lasting dress, not just disappear in the loss of freshness.

Choose loose sexy underwear

Wearing too tight -fitting underwear is not necessarily an ideal choice.When sexy underwear is too tight, blood circulation will be limited to bring discomfort.Loose underwear can maintain comfort and avoid discomfort.

Diversified choice

Choosing sexy lingerie styles and colors should be based on personal preferences and charm. Choosing a variety of design can enhance self -confidence and break monotonous life forms.

Rough leg girl’s underwear brand recommendation

In the market, there are many sexy underwear brands suitable for girls with thick legs, such as Haibel, Citibian, Handu clothing, Mu Shi Lai, etc. These brands are unique in design, diverse styles, and also pay attention to quality and comfort.

Based on personal preferences

In addition to the above selection skills, the most important thing is to combine your preferences.If you don’t like high -waisted sexy underwear, but like tight design, you can choose freely according to your preferences and habits.


Thick legs do not affect your beautiful heart. Choosing the right sexy underwear will not change the basic form of the leg. It just shows a more perfect figure visually.Therefore, we must cherish my body, constantly discover their advantages, and make themselves more beautiful and confident.

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