What sexy underwear at 50 years old


With age, many women are hesitant and cautious when choosing sexy underwear.So, what kind of sexy underwear is most suitable for 50 years old?This article will answer this question for you.

Understand the characteristics

The body of the 50 -year -old woman is different from young women. Often, the hips of the waist will increase, the chest will sag, and the hips and abdomen will be relaxed.Therefore, you need to focus on these issues when choosing fun underwear.

Buy high -quality material underwear

After the age of 50, the skin starts to lose elasticity and moisturizing. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a sexy underwear made of soft, comfortable, breathable, sweat absorption, and odorless materials to ensure the comfort, durability, and right of wearing wear.Protection of female skin.


50 -year -old women need to pay attention to the style of wearing sexy underwear.In terms of selection styles, it should not be too exposed and publicized. It should be biased towards the neutral line without losing the sense of fashion. High -waist pants -type erotic underwear and built -in supportive corsets are all good choices.

The color is mainly soft

In terms of color, 50 -year -old women choose sexy underwear based on soft and natural colors, such as pink, purple, nude, light color, etc., should not choose overly bright colors or nightclub style sexy underwear.

Look at the mirror more in the wearable effect

When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to not only pay attention to the style and color of the sexy lingerie, but also pay attention to the effect of wearing. It is recommended to remove the actual dressing when buying.Both comfort and aesthetics.

Consider the support of the underwear

A 50 -year -old woman needs to consider the support of underwear when wearing sexy underwear. The purchase of bra and body clothes need to pay special attention.You need to choose underwear styles that are suitable for your body, and ensure that underwear can provide sufficient support for your body, and it will not make your body feel uncomfortable or tighten too much.


Regardless of age, women should pay more attention to physical hygiene when wearing sexy underwear. It is recommended to clean the underwear frequently to avoid lingerie and skin for a long time to produce bacteria. At the same time, they can also pay attention to the quality of underwear. Choose environmentally friendly, comfortable and easy -to -clean materials.

Refer to celebrity dressing style

A 50 -year -old woman can refer to the celebrity’s dressing style when wearing sexy underwear. For example, celebrities such as Hillary Clinton are representatives of neutral wear style. Their style is clean, elegant and confident, and is also suitable for 50 -year -old women.However, it should be noted that the reference style of celebrities does not represent completely imitation, and needs to be used in combination with its own figure and style.


50 -year -old women need to pay attention to comfort and style of wearing sexy underwear, pay attention to the considerations, color, body characteristics, support, physical hygiene, etc. at the same time., Wear your own sexy underwear style.

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