What kind of bras wearing sex underwear

What kind of bras wearing sex underwear

D branches are the most important part of women’s sexy underwear. Different underwear needs to be paired with different types of bras to show the best effect.This article will introduce to you what kind of bras wearing in lingerie.

1. Full cups and chest

Full cup of bras is an ideal choice for sexy and emotional interesting underwear.This bra can fully cover the breasts, making the breasts look fuller.The full cup of the chest will also increase the distance between the milk and make the chest look more plump.

2. Half cups

Half -cup chest chest has less coverage than full cups. Generally, it can only cover the upper part of the nipple and areola, so it is suitable for wearing a low -cut or loose top.Half -cup bras make the breasts look more three -dimensional.

3. Steel -free bra

When wearing sex underwear, there are often steel rings caused discomfort or traces of residue.As a result, no steel circle bra has become the first choice for many women.It is not only more comfortable, but also provides sufficient support in the case of appropriate size.

4. lace chest

Lace bra is an indispensable part of sexy underwear.It can add a sexy and romantic atmosphere, and make the entire underwear more stylish and tasteful.

5. Gather the bra

Gathering bras are the choice of many women when wearing fun underwear, because it can make the chest look more plump and sexy.Gathering bras to shape the perfect cleavage by matching a narrow distance or U -shaped design.

6. No trace bra

Just as its name, there are no traces of no trace bras, and you can keep not showing traces when wearing T -shirts or close -fitting clothes.No trace bray bras usually use seamless or skin -friendly fabrics to achieve no trace effect.

7. Transparent bra

Transparent bras are the most challenging bra. It requires sufficient confidence to go out.This bra is usually made of transparent material, which can show the perfect chest shape, but you need to go out with clothes.

8. Sports bra

During exercise, breast exercises will be greatly affected, which will cause damage to the chest.Therefore, when wearing a sexy underwear, we need to choose the proper exercise bra, which can protect the injury of the chest from exercise.

9. Leather bra

Leather bras are new types of sexy underwear.It challenges routine, pursue a different sexy experience, giving a unique and passionate feeling.But it should be noted that leather bras are not suitable for long -term wear.

10. Silk Tip

Silk breasts are relatively high -end bras in the field of sexy underwear, and generally need a certain economic foundation to own.It uses comfortable and soft fabrics to make women feel comfortable, comfortable and elegant when wearing.


When wearing sexy underwear, it is crucial to choose a chest that suits you.This article introduces ten types of bras, including full cups, half cups, no steel rings, lace, gathered, no trace, transparent, sports, leather and silk.Each bra has its unique sexy charm, and it needs to be selected according to the situation to achieve the best results.

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