What is the use of beads in sexy underwear


As a new type of sex toy, sexy underwear is favored by more and more people.Among them, some interesting underwear is equipped with a variety of beads. What is the use of these beads?Today we will be revealed for you one by one.

Type of Bead

There are many kinds of beads on sexy underwear, common ones, silicone beads, metal beads, and so on.Their materials are different, so they have different uses.

The role of beads

In sexy underwear, the role of beads can be divided into the following aspects:

Stimulus perception

Some beads on some sexy underwear are distributed in the body sensitive parts, such as nipples and clitoris.These beads can provide different stimulus perceptions, so that the wearer feels more pleasure.For example, strengthening stimulating sexy underwear in the middle of beads can allow the wearer to enjoy a more violent pleasure.

Increasing texture

The design of some sexy underwear is very simple. We can add some beads to increase the overall texture.Especially the metal beads will be more shiny under the light of light, giving a noble feeling.

Regulate humidity

Some materials of beads, such as silicone pearls, will have some water absorption.Adding these beads of these materials to personal clothes can help absorb excess humidity.This is very helpful for places where physical fitness is easy to sweat or humid and humid, which can improve local discomfort.

Increase friction

Some beads on the lingerie are used by many people to increase friction, which can increase safety and increase pleasure.The material and location of the beads are very important, because too much friction may cause discomfort or injury.

How to choose beads

When choosing beads on sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

Your own preferences

Different beads have different feelings. Be sure to choose beads that meet your preferences.

Texture and safety

Choose beads with good texture, high safety, and not easy to fall off, especially wearing parts.

Price and quality

Consider the comprehensive consideration of prices and quality, and select the beads with higher cost.


There are many different functions and use methods on the beads on sexy underwear, and you need to choose according to your needs.In the process of choosing, we must pay attention to the texture and safety of the beads, which is very important.I hope our introduction can help you.

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