What is the name on the belly of sexy underwear?

What is the name on the belly of sexy underwear?

Interest underwear, for modern young people, is no longer so far away.Different from traditional underwear, sexy underwear is a separate underwear category and has its own exclusive market and consumer group.In sexy underwear, there is a special design, which is the part of the stomach. What is this part called?Let’s answer them one by one.

1. T -pants

The most common design on the belly in sexy underwear is T -shaped pants.As the name implies, T -shaped pants are made of t -shaped fabrics on the waist and genitals. It is similar to traditional briefs, but its shape and fabric are thinner and smaller than briefs.Essence

2. V -pants

V -character pants are also a common belly design in sexy underwear. It is just like its name. It is a design of a V -shaped design to form a V -shaped design.The fabric of V -pants is thinner than T -shaped pants, and it can seduce the other half.

3. Conjusational style

Conjusational sexy underwear is a kind of underwear that stitches bra and lower body pants.The design of its belly is very special, most of which are exposed, but a sexy lace edge is added to the waist, which makes people feel potentially temptation.

4. Tullers

Tullers are not a traditional type of underwear, but they can often be seen in sexy underwear.Its belly part is often used with thin cicada wings. It is paired with lace edge above the navel, and a sexy taste is completed.

5. Open type

The split -style sexy underwear is just like its name, which is a split underwear part of the belly. This design can show the lower body very directly to increase the sexuality.

6. Double layer

Double -layer sexy underwear is a kind of underwear wrapped in the entire abdomen.Its design divides the belly into two layers. The one inside is usually a tulle fabric. The one layer on the outside is a thicker fabric, forming a double -layer fluffy effect, which is very interesting.


Bring -type erotic underwear is to add a metal ring in the belly part, so that the wearer’s abdomen has a natural segmentation line, which is very visual impact.

8. Chain style

With chain -style sexy underwear, the metal chain is assembled on the navel, and the ends of the chain are connected to the upper and lower parts, forming a very artistic effect.

9. Switching

The splicing sexy underwear is to stitch different fabrics and different colors together to form a wonderful visual effect.Among them, a small piece of patchwork on the belly often becomes the focus of attention.

10. Increase the corset pants

Increasing corset pants is a very special erotic underwear design. Classic lace will be added in the chest and waist parts of the corset and pants. The belly part is often exposed, which is very in line with the aesthetics of young people.


The design on the belly on the belly of the sexy underwear is not only to meet the sexy needs of the wearer, but also to stimulate the crowd around them.When choosing sexy underwear, everyone must choose styles and sizes based on their own shape, and use the design of sexy underwear reasonably in order to reflect its charm.

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