What is sexy underwear like

What is the fun underwear like?

Interest underwear is a more pleasant clothing in sex.It can be used in games, flirting, playing with other forms of dramaticization.There are many types of erotic underwear, and there will be different types of erotic underwear.

1. Open pants

Opening pants is a kind of underwear opened in the lower body area, which is sometimes called "open crotch pants" or "split pants".The design of this underwear allows people to enjoy a greater degree of pleasure during sex, because it facilitates any form of sexual behavior.Some open pants can also have anal opening.

2. Land

Lace -up corsets are usually made of tulle, mesh cloth or other similar materials. It is used to cover the chest while displaying more skin.It can be equipped with details such as lace, thereby increasing charm.Love -up corsets are sometimes called bra, beam or bra.

3. Band -shaped skirt

Bringing skirt is a kind of grass dance -style pleated skirt, which is suitable for one of the scenes when European and American couples are close.It is usually made of velvet, silk mesh or other similar fabrics, which can make people romantic like lover in the room.

4. Show the bottom pants on the rudeness

The whipping leggings can add seasoning to the game.It can make you passionate in love, because it emphasizes the beautiful parts of women’s thighs, hips and waist curves.Belo pants are usually made of stockings, fish net socks or other similar fabrics.

5. Shoulder and half skirt

The shoulder is usually a small coat made of gauze or lace. They provide a sense of charming and add diversity to the underwear.Half skirt is a short skirt with a short length, which is usually worn with a hurdle.It is suitable for nakedness and flirting scenes in sex.

6. Toys

Toys generally refer to sexual products, such as vibers, jumping eggs, pointed and handcuffs.These toys can help people experience more excitement and pleasure in sex, giving lovers more imagination and intimacy.

7. Eye mask

Eye masks can make people experience new feelings.When you put it on, your sight will be limited, and your other sensory will be more sensitive. Therefore, the whole body will respond more strongly to the stimulus, allowing you to experience richer sex.

8. stockings

Stockings are usually made of bright colors, patterns or other designs.They can make your legs look more slender and charming, and make you filled with delicate femininity when walking.

9. Lavender purple, light pink, lace and women’s tattoo design

The above elements are common elements in sexy underwear. They all have high feminine, sexy, and slender.Therefore, they are suitable for couples to bring more pleasure and artistic atmosphere, to add interest and create a cultural topic for themselves.

10. Sexy role -playing suit

Sexy role -playing clothing is a costume that imitates movies, TV series, comics or other media images.These clothing usually include various uniforms, split and transparent materials, lace, bellybands, skirts and other exciting designs.

Viewpoint: By understanding the types and functions of love underwear, people can better create a rich, diverse and creative sex experience for themselves and partners, and enhance the intimacy and trust between husband and wife.

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