What erotic underwear does not pick people and buy cheap people

Good quality and price are not expensive

Good erotic underwear must have quality. Cutting, sewing, fabrics, versions, etc. must be fine, so as to ensure the comfort and sexuality after putting on.But the price is not cheap, which will make many people discourage.However, there are many sexy underwear brands with good quality and low quality. Usually they all have their own factories or work directly with the factory to save the dividends of the middlemen.If you spend high prices, you can also buy more fashionable and sexy new models.

Simple design

The current sex lingerie design is becoming more and more concise and generous. More and more designers have begun to focus on the practicality and sexuality of underwear wear, but they are no longer as tedious and complicated as before. This is not only more convenient to wear, but alsoThe effect of external wear is also more fashionable.At the same time, simple and generous styles are relatively classic and more durable than complex styles, so simple design is also a good way to save money.

Suitable for different occasions and body types

Good erotic underwear must be suitable for different occasions and types.For some girls who have received bad "waist and hip ratio", buying sexy underwear can also use the design skills of underwear to make up for this defect.For example, choosing a sexy underwear with folds or tassels can extend the body visually and enhance the sense of proportion. Even girls with poor waist and hip ratio can wear a sexy feeling.

Attention to detail

The details of underwear are also important. Some small design can well highlight the sexy and temperament of women.For example, some decorative designs such as beads, lace, and ruffled edges can highlight the sexy elements of women well and have a good finishing touch.

Multi -size and multi -color optional

Good erotic underwear should be suitable for different figures and skin tones, so there are many sizes and colors.A good brand of sexy underwear can provide a variety of size and color options, which can better meet the needs of consumers, and multi -color choices can better meet the needs of consumers.

Comfortable to wear and comfortable

Good erotic underwear must be comfortable, after all, comfort is the most basic need.For example, the fabric should be soft and breathable, the coaster and shoulder strap of the underwear cannot be led, and the fineness of the buckle should be high, and the comfort to wear will be greatly improved.Good erotic underwear is also very important for sex, because a comfortable and sexy underwear can enhance human self -confidence, so comfort cannot be compromised.

Good design and quality are not refuated

Good erotic underwear is not a representative of design and quality, and non -retreat is also one of the important quality characteristics.Many sexy underwear is very beautiful, sexy and comfortable, but they will soon change color or roll, so that consumers will not be satisfied.And a good sexy underwear brand should pay attention to materials, dyeing, printing, etc., and responsible brands can allow consumers to buy long -lasting underwear.

Uniqueness is more prominent and sexy

Now more and more sexy underwear brands focus on uniqueness, hoping to gain better market competitiveness through uniqueness.Therefore, many brands put the attention of designers on the unique elements of sexy underwear to improve the uniqueness of the brand.This also allows consumers to highlight their sexy when they choose (pay attention to the sentimental elements of sexy underwear).

It’s not just a messy shell

Good brands will not only design sexy underwear, but also expand underwear, bras, bras and other underwear products, so that consumers will have more when choosing, and they can better match their own occasions and clothing.


Good erotic underwear should be comfortable, practical, classic, fashionable, quality assurance, multi -color, multi -size, non -refundable color, and the brand comprehensive strength is also critical.To understand your needs and figure, choose a good brand to buy some good -quality sexy underwear, whether in daily life or sex, you will get good results.

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