What does it feel like sexy underwear to wear

What does it feel like sexy underwear to wear

1. Strong self -confidence

Interest underwear is not only a kind of clothing, but also an attitude.When you put on a sexy underwear, you will feel that you are full of confidence and exude your own charm.No matter what kind of body type you are, you can show your beauty by choosing a suitable sexy underwear.

2. Comfortable and personal feeling

Sex underwear usually uses comfortable and soft fabrics, and designs closely, so that it can better fit the body curve and reduce friction.So after wearing a sexy underwear, you will feel very comfortable, as if the second layer of skin.

3. Emphasize the body curve

The design of sexy underwear usually emphasizes the body curve, highlighting the curve beauty of the chest, hip and waist.After wearing a sexy underwear, you will find that your body looks more sexy and charming.

4. Increase interest and fun

Interest underwear not only exists for wearing, but also a way to increase interest and fun.Some erotic underwear not only sexy, but also have some special functions, such as restraint, simulation and flirting, making your sex life more exciting.

5. Highlight character and style

The style of sexy underwear is different, from simple to complex, from simple to bold. After wearing sexy underwear, you can fully highlight your personality and style, making people shine.

6. Enhance intimacy

In addition to bringing a sense of joy to you, wearing sexy underwear can also enhance the intimate relationship between the two sexes.Some sexy underwear is very unique, allowing your lover to discover new charm and temptation on you, and further enhance your feelings between each other.

7. Feel luxury enjoyment

Interest underwear is not only a sexy dress, but also a luxurious enjoyment.Some sexy lingerie uses high -end fabrics, inlaid with jewelry or crystal, put on it, you will feel not only your sexy, but also a noble style.

8. Increase freedom

Putting on sex underwear, you will find that you have a higher degree of freedom.Whether you are using sexual toys or doing some special movements, sexy underwear can help you greatly increase your degree of freedom and allow you to have more ways to play.

9. Improve the degree of boldness

Sexy underwear is a way to express its own degree of boldness.Some sexy underwear design contains hollow, mesh and translucent elements, sexy and bold.Put on this underwear, you can reflect your own boldness and courage.

10. Stimulate imagination

Everyone’s feelings are different from wearing sexy underwear.Some underwear may inspire your imagination, making you wonder and acting boldly.This is also the charm of sexy underwear. It is that it can bring you endless imagination.


In summary, sexy underwear has a strong self -confidence, comfortable and personal feeling, emphasizing the body curve, increasing interest and fun, highlighting personality and style, enhancing intimate relationships, experienced luxury enjoyment, increasing freedom, improving bangsA degree and inspiration of imagination.Therefore, whether in daily life or in sex, choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can always bring you a good experience and unusual imagination space.

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