What brands are there in sexy underwear hot sales

What brands are there in sexy underwear hot sales

Interest underwear is one of the preferences of many women, which can not only increase self -confidence, but also increase sexual interest.Now there are many brand’s sexy underwear in the market. So what brands are there?Let me introduce some.

1. Ann Summers

Ann Summers is a British erotic underwear brand founded in the 1970s. It has many popular styles and colors and is loved by consumers.The brand’s sexy underwear is known for its elegant, sexy, and avant -garde style, and each design can meet the needs of different women.

2. Victoria’s Secret (Victoria’s Secret)

Victoria’s Secret is an American company that specializes in producing and selling women’s underwear, swimsuits and other beauty products.The brand has an epoch -making underwear design, creative advertising marketing strategies and luxurious fashion shows that allow each woman to feel their sexy and charm.

3. La Senza (Rensa)

La Senza is the largest sexy underwear brand in Canada. It has the world’s leading underwear design and manufacturing technology. It has launched many popular series, such as sexy, sweet, simple and gorgeous underwear series.The brand’s sexy underwear is also known for its comfort and quality reliability.

4. Triumph (Dianfen)

Triumph is a sexy underwear brand from Germany. Founded in 1886, it is one of the world’s famous underwear manufacturers.The brand’s sexy underwear is famous for its feminine elegance, unique fabric and high -quality handmade.

5. Agent Provocateur (Provecat)

Agent Provocateur is a high -end sexy underwear brand from Britain, which was founded in 1994.The brand’s sexy underwear is colorful, novel and coordinated with color, and is especially suitable for women with individuality and taste.

6. felina

Felina is a sexy underwear brand from Europe, known for its unique style and craftsmanship.The brand’s sexy underwear is famous for its high -quality fabrics, classic design and comfortable dressing, which is favored by female consumers.

7. Wacoal

Wacoal is a sexy underwear brand from Japan, with a history of more than 70 years.The brand’s sexy underwear is famous for its beautiful lines, fashion style and unique material processing technology. Its underwear has professional functionality and excellent quality.

8. Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky is an American sex lingerie brand, which is dedicated to modern female design underwear.The brand’s sexy underwear is well -known with a soft style and subtle sexy. The design is simple and fashionable. It uses many gorgeous embroidered lace and lace to make each woman feel beautiful at ease.

9. Bluebella

Bluebella is a young sexy underwear brand in the UK. It is committed to designing unconventional sexy underwear, full of fashion and personality.The brand’s sexy underwear brings the feeling of modern women, including comfortable tailoring and unique materials, and the design is simple without losing elegance.

10. cosabella

Cosabella is a sexy underwear brand from Italy, began in 1983.The brand’s sexy underwear is known for classic Italian design and exquisite fabrics. It has the characteristics of bright colors and luxurious sense, which is highly sought after by female consumers.

Viewpoint: The sexy underwear of the above brands has very different characteristics and styles, but they are constantly innovating and pursuing, hoping to bring a better underwear dressing experience to women.Consumers can choose the sexy lingerie brand, style and style that suits them according to their preferences, so as to make themselves feel confident and charm.

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