What are your girlfriend slightly fat to buy sexy container

My girlfriend is slightly fat, what are the points for buying and buying sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is not only a weapon to enhance sex, but also an important equipment for showing feminine charm.However, for a slightly fat girlfriend, what should I pay attention to when choosing a sexy underwear?Here are some tips for your reference:

Know your girlfriend’s figure and buy a sexy underwear suitable for her

There are many styles of sexy underwear. When buying, choose a style suitable for her according to the figure of her girlfriend.Fat girls may be more sexy wearing a strong fleshy style, such as low -cut sexy bra or three -point sexy underwear.It is recommended to choose wide shoulder straps and thick cups to help the chest better support and avoid expansion.

Choose high waist underwear, the shaping effect is better

The fat girl’s waist and abdomen may be slightly raised, but this does not prevent TA from wearing sexy underwear to show her beauty.It is recommended to choose high waist underwear, so that while ensuring comfort, it can also have a shaping effect.At the same time, you can also use meat -colored belly pants to achieve the effect of tight beauty.

Lace element with nude color is more soft

Lace element is a common design in sexy underwear, which can break through the problem of meat and create a more softer and romantic feeling.In terms of matching, you can choose lace underwear that is matched with meat.Both nude and red can match with lace well and look more sexy.

Choose sexy underwear that is easy to match

When choosing a sexy underwear, you can consider some simple and easy styles.This is not only convenient for daily wear, but also with a variety of matching styles to make fun underwear play a greater role.For example, choose a black bra and a low -waist triangle with dazzling colors.

Famous brand sex lingerie purchase skills

Famous brand sexy underwear is very popular, but don’t spend blindly for the brand.When buying, you need to selectively select the brand and style. The difference between the brand and the brand is very large. You must have a deep understanding to choose the sexy underwear that suits you.

Sex of sex underwear fabric selection

Interest underwear fabrics are also important.For example, silk and cotton underwear are generally suitable for people to wear at home, while the satin material is slightly higher and can be worn to the public area.There is also a relatively transparent and breathable material such as gauze fish net, which is also a popular choice for sexy underwear.

Understand the taste of girlfriend, buy a sexy underwear that meets her preferences

Everyone’s taste is different, and the style and color of the love lingerie they like will vary from person to person.When choosing a sexy underwear, communicate with her girlfriend’s preferences, such as a sexy style that prefers retro style or pleasing trend.The fun underwear bought in this way will be more in line with the girlfriend’s preferences and produce better results.

Buy suitable for body type meat color and sexy underwear

The fat girls should be very careful when wearing meat and pornographic underwear, because if the color is not selected, it will create the image of a dragging oil bottle.It is recommended to choose a fleshy and sexy underwear that is similar to your skin color, so that the flesh feeling will be diluted and looks taller.

Observe the details of sexy underwear to ensure that the quality is excellent

The details of sexy underwear determine the quality of its quality.When buying, you need to carefully observe the details of the button, zipper, edge, and decoration to ensure that the quality is excellent.This can ensure the comfort and aesthetics of the use process.


Selecting sex underwear does not need to be too complicated. The key is to understand your body, choose your style that conforms to your own, and is not limited to the fullness of the skin, grasp the color and details.At the same time, pay attention to the cleaning and care of sexy underwear to keep it beautiful and durable.

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