What are the sexy underwear shops in China

China’s sexy underwear market has developed steadily, and there are many sexy underwear shops across the country.The types, prices and services of these shops are different. Let’s take a look at the sexy underwear shops in China.

First, "Fun World" is mainly interesting supplies, and sexy underwear products are complete.

"Interesting World" is one of the largest sexual products chain in China. Their classifications are complete. The shop’s products are mainly interesting supplies, as well as sexy underwear and other products.Their sexy underwear is moderate, basically below 200 yuan, and there are many physical stores, which facilitates the purchase needs of some consumers.

Second, "Qiyan Pavilion" focuses on high -end adult products and sexy underwear.

"Qi San" is a professional shop with high -end adult products and sexy underwear as its main sales objects.The sexy underwear of the store is mostly European and American style, with relatively high prices, mostly more than 800 yuan.However, its product design is unique and high -quality, and has been well received and sought after by high -end consumers.

Third, the "love workshop" physical stores and online stores coexist, and the price of the product is moderate.

"Love Workshop" is a sexy underwear shop combining online and offline.It has its own brand’s products, and its design is novel, and its reputation is quite good.The price of the store is relatively moderate, and middle -income consumers can bear it easily.In fact, the coexistence of physical stores and online stores facilitates consumers’ purchase needs.

Fourth, the "Beast School" focuses on independent niche brands with moderate prices.

The "Beast School" is the sexy underwear shop that focuses on independent niche brands.Its product price is moderate, mostly around 300 yuan. The store is characterized by the sexy underwear that sells independent niche brands, and has a high reputation in terms of sexy underwear design.

Fifth, "Magic Beauty" Chinese local brand, mainly sexy underwear.

"Mo Mei" is a sexy underwear shop based on Chinese local brands.Its product color and quality are quite good.The price is moderate, more than 200 yuan, and it also has good after -sales service.

6. The "7 seconds" design is unique and avant -garde.

"7 seconds" is a shop called a unique and avant -garde -style sexy underwear.It mainly uses otaku and houses as the main consumption object, and also has a certain white -collar customer base.The price of sexy underwear in the store is moderate, mainly 200 yuan -600 yuan, which is suitable for young groups to consume.

7. "Ke Lu Poetry" has its own designer team and launched a number of unique sexy underwear.

"Ke Lu Poetry" is a sexy underwear shop with its own designer team.Its sexy underwear pushes Chen Xin and has a unique design style.Not only that, the price of its products is relatively moderate, mostly below 500 yuan.

8. "Lai Lei" has global brand agency rights.

"Slit" is an agent of global brand sexy underwear.Many of the products launched are European and American styles, with different styles and high prices, most of which are above 500 yuan.The quality and design level are generally relatively high, and they are relatively high -end sexy underwear shops.

Viewpoint: Different consumers have different needs. When buying sexy underwear, you should choose a sexy underwear shop that suits them according to your own needs and budgets. It not only guarantees the quality of the product, and will not exceed the budget.

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