Wei Xiang sells sexy jackets


With the progress of the times, sexy underwear is no longer regarded as shame, and it has become a fashion trend.Wei Xiang may be unexpected to sell sexy underwear, but it is undeniable that this is a diversified attempt for business models.This article will explore the meaning and business model innovation behind Wei Xiang’s sexy underwear.


As a computer scientist, Wei Xiang’s success in the business field is famous.In the business field, he is also loved by people. Of course, there are some people who are hate.He has been involved in many fields such as social e -commerce and online education.This time, he involved in the field of sexy underwear also surprised the outside world.

The release for selfing sexy lingerie

Why did Wei Xiang choose sexy underwear in many business fields?We analyze from several angles.

Business model innovation

As an entrepreneur, Wei Xiang constantly tried new business models. In the future, he has intended to cope with future industry changes through diversified operations.And the market with a huge and continuous market for sex underwear has attracted Wei Xiang’s attention.He used his resources and technology to create a brand new sexy underwear brand, trying to break the restraint of traditional industries.

Human care

At present, many women still have certain resistance to the field of sexy underwear, which involve private privacy.Wei Xiang experienced several failures at the beginning of his business, so he understood the feelings of entrepreneurial difficulties.Therefore, he believes that sexy underwear can bring a better spiritual experience to consumers, which is the embodiment of "humanistic care".

The Business Model and Innovation

Innovation in sales channels

Traditional sexy underwear companies usually sell offline, small stores, fewer customers.Wei Xiang’s sexy underwear uses online sales channels, using the rise of social platforms, so that consumers can browse and buy online.This "pervasive" sales channel has brought greater convenience to consumers and increased sales.

Design innovation

Sexy underwear is usually promoting sexy, mature, and sexy elements. It is difficult to resonate with consumers with empty and sexy elements.Wei Xiang’s sexy underwear puts "self -confidence and healthy" elements on underwear, and plays the role of healthy underwear brands, creating a new image, setting a healthy and fashionable image for the brand, and being recognized by consumers.

Innovation in product quality

The quality of the product is one of the core elements of sexy underwear companies. Wei Xiang’s sexy underwear pays more attention to the quality of the product, and the needs of the customer group will make corresponding adjustments.They have their own production workshops, and they have made multiple checks on the testing of each product to ensure the reliability and superiority of the product.

The Significance of Selling Sexy Lingerie

Promote the circulation and maturity of the sexy underwear market

Under the influence of traditional concepts, the sexy underwear market has always been regarded as a topic that is not mentioned, but this market is not small.Wei Xiang’s act of selling sexy underwear can promote the promotion and circulation of the sexy underwear market, and transform consumers’ impression of sexy underwear from closed narrowness to open and diversified.

Broaden the company’s profit channel

The development model of the diversified enterprise founded by Wei Xiang has also achieved a certain effect in the market of sexy underwear. At the same time, it also helped the company to open a new profit channel and realize the maximum utilization of resources.With the gradual opening of the sexy underwear market, Wei Xiang can also use the experience of business models in more fields.


Wei Xiang’s cross -border behavior of sexy underwear has positive significance in business.On the one hand, it can broaden the exploration of the business field, and on the other hand, it can also drive the development of the sex underwear market.Today, with the rapid economic development, Wei Xiang selling sexy underwear has also made consumers’ purchase space more diversified.It is believed that more and more entrepreneurs will be involved in this market in the future, and the sex underwear market will be further promoted and developed.

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