Wedding and wearing sexy suits

Wedding and wearing sexy underwear: Why not show off, but a kind of self -confidence and enjoyment


On the day of the wedding, the brides will always spend a lot of thoughts on their wedding dress, but in addition to the wedding dress, have you ever thought that wearing a set of sexy erotic underwear on the wedding day adds a fun and romance to themselves and the other half.Intersection

Interest underwear is not showing off

Many people think that wearing fun underwear is to show off their bodies, but in fact, sexy underwear is not a kind of external showing off.On the contrary, it is more of a manifestation with inner confidence.Wearing erotic underwear can make you relax and relax, unrestrained by the outside world, showing more realistic inner emotions.

Interesting underwear can increase sexual interest

In addition to maintaining daily life after marriage, we must also pay attention to maintaining the emotions between husband and wife, and sexy underwear can add a lot of color to your sex life.Wearing sexy underwear can make you feel more relaxed and confident in sex, increase the sexual interest between the two sides, and enhance the feelings between husband and wife.

Different types of sexy underwear

When choosing sexy underwear, there are many different types of choices.The more common ones are lace lace models, mesh perspective models, hollow design models, leather models, etc. Each style has its characteristics and adaptation occasions.Select a suitable sexy lingerie style on the day of marriage, you can create more romantic atmosphere for husband and wife.

The quality requirements of sexy underwear

The quality and materials of sexy underwear are very important because it is a clothing that directly contacts human skin.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you must choose a reputable brand, and keep in mind the selection of high -quality and suitable materials for you.

Comfort is also very important

When wearing sexy underwear, comfort is a very important factor.If it is uncomfortable, this will affect the atmosphere of the entire wedding, and it may even make you feel that you can’t feel any sexy and romantic.Therefore, be sure to choose sexy and comfortable sexy underwear.

Can increase self -confidence and self -esteem

Wearing erotic underwear is not a cheap or vulgar way, it can make you feel confident and self -esteem.On the day of marriage, this self -confidence and self -esteem can be passed on to your relationship between you and the other half, which will make you closer and closer.

How to choose suitable sexy underwear

Choosing suitable sexy underwear needs to be selected combined with your body and preferences.First, choose a size and style suitable for your body.Secondly, choose your favorite model and style according to your preference.On the day of getting married, you have to be confident and comfortable, and at the same time make the other half a surprise and pleasure.

Interest underwear is not just a choice on the wedding day

Wearing sex underwear is not a kind of behavior that can only be selected on the day of marriage.On weekdays, wearing sexy underwear can also increase the fun and romantic atmosphere between husband and wife.Therefore, choosing sexy underwear is also a kind of investment and maintenance of the relationship between yourself and husband and wife.

in conclusion

On the day of marriage, wearing sexy underwear is not to show off, but a kind of confidence and enjoyment.Properly wearing sexy underwear can increase the intimacy and taste of husband and wife, and bring more color and happiness to sex and daily life.Choose Wisely, and Have Fun with it!

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