Wearing sex lingerie out of novels

Wearing sex lingerie out of novels

In daily life, we will encounter a variety of scenes, and wearing sexy underwear out may not be the first choice we think of.However, wearing erotic underwear will sometimes bring unexpected benefits and fun.This article will introduce you to several scenarios wearing sexy underwear and how to match it.

1. Dressed in sexy underwear at work: When working on underwear, your beauty will be more symmetrical, and you will be more confident.You can choose a bra with a bright color, and then use a warm tone with a whole set of coats.This method is very suitable for professional women.

2. Go out and wear sexy underwear with friends: In this occasion, you can choose low -cut sexy underwear, paired with transparent clothes or lace tops.You will look sexy like this, but it will not be too much, it is suitable for bar or music square.

3. Shopping sexy underwear: When you are shopping, you can choose the color of the underwear and skirt to match it, which is very beautiful.In addition, you can choose a more mature sexy underwear, which is also very good to wear casual clothes.

4. Dating Wearing sexy underwear: Dating is the best time to wear sexy underwear.If time is at night, you can choose dark red sexy underwear, sexy without losing charm.At the same time, it will make you look very noble and elegant with the coats and low -waist pants on the black lace.

5. Party wearing sexy underwear: If you go to a party, you can choose to wear transparent sexy underwear, the details in the underwear will be more obvious, so that you will shine in everyone, and it is not easy to be ignored by others.Essence

6. Tourism wearing sexy underwear: Wearing sexy underwear to travel is not just to make yourself more soul and more energetic.You can choose to match tight pants and loose suit jackets, which is very suitable for the culture and historical atmosphere of tourist cities.

7. Yoga wearing erotic underwear: If you like yoga, it is suitable for wearing sexy underwear.Soft and breathable sexy underwear will not only make you feel comfortable, but also keep your body shape and more effective yoga.

8. Swimming wearing sexy underwear: Transparent sexy underwear is the best choice when swimming, and the water will look very sexy.With a short skirt, you will become particularly elegant.

The above are eight scenes wearing sexy underwear. Each scene can choose from different perspectives to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.Different occasions need different erotic underwear, but suitable for you, comfort yourself is the most important thing.

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