Wearing a sexy underwear, my husband


For many women, wearing erotic underwear is a way to show their physical charm and increase confidence.And if your purpose is to pick up your husband, wearing a sexy sexy underwear is an excellent choice.How to choose a sexy underwear that suits you, and how to wear more people?Here are some skills and suggestions for everyone.

The first step is to choose the style that suits you

First of all, what you need to pay attention to is to choose a sexy lingerie style that is suitable for your body and style.If you don’t know which one to choose, you can pay more attention to some tutorials and related information online or in the store.Under normal circumstances, there are two ways to choose a suitable sex underwear: one is to choose underwear that is suitable for your body, and the other is to choose the underwear that suits you according to your preference.

The second step is to choose the color that suits you

In addition to styles, you also need to pay attention to the color that is suitable for your skin tone, hygiene habits and character.For example, if your skin is white, the lighter underwear will highlight your skin tone. If your skin is darker, and the darker underwear will be more visually impact.When choosing color, you need to consider the stimulation and psychological feelings of the naked eye. For girls with cold character, you can choose warm colors, and girls with hot character can choose cold colors.

Step 3 Select a good size

After choosing a good style and color, the next step is to confirm your own size.Carefully measure information such as waist circumference, bust, hip, legs, and choose the size of your own size.Many women have such problems when wearing underwear: the bust is too small, the legs are too tight, the waist is exposed, and the overall tightness is too tight.Therefore, the choice of size is very important.Choose the right size to highlight your sexy.

The fourth step is correct

When wearing a sexy underwear, you need to wear correctly.The first thing to note is to put underwear in a suitable position.For example, if you buy even physical sex underwear, you need to put under the underwear first, and then adjust it at the appropriate location; if you buy a split -to -body sex underwear, you need to put on the upper part first, and then then, and thenPut on the lower half step by step, step by step.

The fifth step is more tasteful

In terms of wearing, you also need to pay attention to the matching of color and style.When you choose a underwear, you can also match your clothes, skirts, etc. It is recommended to choose sexy S -curved clothing. This will not only highlight the beauty of the underwear, but also show your personality.Of course, do not ignore the accessories of underwear, such as stockings, high heels, etc. These can add more charm to the whole set of sexy underwear.

Step 6 Psychological construction

Wearing a sexy underwear, my husband also needs to have good psychological construction.Be sure to be full of confidence, and feel that you are a beautiful and unrestrained doll from the heart. This feeling will make your self -confidence burst and temperament, giving a great visual impact.

Step 7 Selection of comfort

Although the bright and beautiful sexy underwear can bring you many benefits, it cannot ignore the importance of choosing comfortable underwear.When trying to penetrate underwear, be sure to pay attention to whether it is comfortable, consolidated, and flawless.In this way, even if you wear it for many years, you will not cause excessive damage to the skin

Step 8 regularly replace

Sex underwear is an important part of daily care, but few people can notice to change them.Regardless of internal reasons or external environmental factors, there are many potential problems in sexy underwear. It is recommended that you set a clock between each quarter and change the sexy underwear, which can ensure that it is more neat and comfortable to wear.

Step 9 Don’t reuse underwear

Underwear is a very private clothing. Once it is used, it cannot be repeatedly worn.Because the underwear is easily attacked by bacteria during use, it is best to use it once and no longer use it, so as to ensure that your private parts will not be infected.


In short, wearing fun underwear and husbands need to pay attention to many aspects, such as the choice of style, color matching, size selection, dressing method, and the comfort of underwear.If you do well in these parts, I believe you will be a sexy and elegant woman, and enjoy your self -confidence and charm.

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