Wearing a boyfriend white shirt as a sexy underwear

Wearing a boyfriend white shirt as a sexy underwear

Boyfriend white shirt is a popular fashion item that is popular with women. Its white luster, light and soft fabric and loose and comfortable tailoring create a hidden and sexy atmosphere for the wearer.Many women use their boyfriend’s white shirts as sexy lingerie, which has a sexy effect, but also highlights the sense of sexy, small and clean fashion.This article will tell you how to wear a boyfriend white shirt as a sexy underwear.

1. Buy boyfriend white shirt

First of all, in order to achieve perfect sexy wear, it is crucial to choose a loose and stylish boyfriend white shirt.Women can buy from others or borrow from her boyfriend’s wardrobe, as long as they can ensure the texture, size and version of them.Women who favor long woolen coats should not buy too loose men’s shirts, and short little sisters can choose relatively loose and wide shirts.

2. Specked tailoring

Boyfriend white shirt is like ordinary sex underwear.The focus of cutting is usually on the waist and neckline. First, use scissors to cut off the three buckles of the neckline, then cut off the longer part of the back, then cut parts on the sides of the waist, and suture them into large blockbusters.The latter shirt will be more breathable and beautiful.This part is best placed in the second paragraph.

3. Wear boyfriend white shirt

When a woman wears her boyfriend white shirt, it is recommended to choose the right underwear to match, such as low -waist triangle or high -waist trousers, etc., which can better highlight the curve of the waist.For sisters with large chests, you can add a little mysterious and sexy to the upper body to the front of the shirt, and then add highlights to the entire dress.

4. With high heels

Of course, if you want to further deepen the sexy effect, it is recommended to wear high heels or black boots to match your girlfriend white shirt. This kind of shoes can make the lines of the legs smoother.The beauty of curves.

5. Wear you

Regarding the method of wearing, women can try to completely disassemble the bottom of the shirt, adjust the hem, then stuff the shirt into the underwear, pull the underwear over the waist, leave a part of the shirt to expose, match some bad eyes, play some elegant eleganceGestures, such wearing and posture can better in line with romantic and stylish atmosphere.

6. With red lips

Red lips are one of the female charm of sexy underwear.By applying cosmetics such as red lipstick or lip gloss to bring a stronger breath to the whole dress.Hold your boyfriend’s white shirt frame with eyebrows, and scan some eye shadows to bring you unique fashion charm.

7. Pay attention to interest and privacy

Wearing a boyfriend white shirt as a sexy underwear is not only to increase charm, but also pay attention to the opportunity and occasion.In addition to creating some private interest atmosphere, you can wear on Valentine’s Day, Birthday and other celebrations.However, when you are in public places, you should have the appearance, behavior, and words that already exist to respect others while protecting others.

8. Farewell to traditional concepts

Wearing a boyfriend’s white shirt to make sexy underwear may be misunderstood by some people, but we should say goodbye to some traditional and outdated ideological ideas.Women themselves have their own expression and the right to pursue physical and mental health, free indulgence and sexual orientation.This method of dressing itself is not wrong, so women need to strengthen their faith and bravely express their attitudes and views.

in conclusion

Wearing a boyfriend’s white shirt as a sexy underwear, although it looks simpler, it requires skillful cutting treatment and appropriate combination to achieve perfect results.At the same time, you need to pay attention to occasions and privacy when wearing.Women should have faith in their physical and sexual orientation, bravely express their attitudes and views, and make their wear more tasteful and fashionable.

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