Wear sex underwear on the street H

What should I pay attention to when wearing sexy underwear on the street?

Although wearing sexy underwear on the street, although it has been popular in European and American culture for a long time, it is still a bit "open" for people in Asia.For those who like to try new things, wearing erotic underwear on the street is indeed a kind of stimulus and challenge.However, before trying, we need to pay attention to some matters to avoid unnecessary embarrassment and embarrassment.Below, let’s take a closer look.

Pay attention

Wearing sexy underwear on the street, the first thing that needs to be considered is the occasion.Some special activities, gatherings, or parties, such as nightclubs, Halloween carnival, etc., wearing sexy underwear is normal, even necessary.But if you are walking on a business location or on the way to work, then this kind of dress is obviously not suitable.Therefore, when choosing to wear sexy underwear to go to the streets, you must consider it carefully to avoid resentment of others on the field.

Choose the right underwear

Although sexy underwear contains many types, in terms of underwear, they are usually divided into three types: thongs, T pants and lace panties.Although these types are very sexy, not every one is suitable for wearing on the street.When choosing sexy underwear, it should consider its comfort, breathability, and antibacteriality of material.At the same time, it is best to avoid choosing the style of too much floral to avoid setting off a sense of cheapness.

With the right jacket and pants

If you want to wear sexy underwear on the street, the choice of jackets and pants is particularly important.If the jacket is too exposed, it will look very obscene; if the pants are too tight, it will not reduce the effect of the street to some extent.Therefore, a slightly loose sweater, casual shorts or sports pants are all good choices.At the same time, in order to keep warm when the temperature is too low, you can also match a long coat.This combination is both beautiful and warm.

Choose the right shoes

When you are wearing a sexy underwear to the street, the matching of shoes is also very important.If the shoes you choose are too high heels or too much Romantik, you will have a feeling of unwillingness to sexy underwear.It is best to choose a popular shoe, such as boat shoes or slippers.In this way, whether it is to reduce the "exposure" of sexy underwear or the temperament of the whole person, it will be more natural.

Makeup element

Generally speaking, girls wearing sexy underwear on the street will pay more attention to makeup, which is also necessary.If your makeup is too tempting, it will easily attract unnecessary lively eyes.Therefore, in the design of makeup, we must maintain a good sense of balance and set the overall style between neutral and sexy, so as to truly reflect the charm.

Pay attention to the way of action

You need to pay attention to how to act on the streets to wear sexy underwear. Even if you are in public places such as taxis, walking, you must maintain a natural action method and do not expose your body too much.In this way, we can improve the quality of civilization and show reasonableness and beauty, which is also a must -have for wearing sexy underwear to go to the streets.

Be careful not to expose it completely

When wearing a sexy underwear to the street, do not fully match the unfacked skirts, because this will make people feel that they lose their dignity.In sexy underwear, people’s common choices are lace underwear, which is more suitable for bodies with fewer bare parts. It is best to choose classic black or red series of sexy underwear.Of course, the best choice is to choose a way of matching the style of affectionate nightclubs in order to achieve the perfect effect.

I can’t stay at home and need to prepare complex dressing and matching

Under normal circumstances, you can wear it at home casually.But if you are at your doorstep, you may also meet people you know. At this time, the dressing of sex underwear is particularly important.If you are young or are trying new things, then you may wish to wear sexy underwear to make your life more new.

Pay attention to your body

Although sexy underwear can make you more sexy and beautiful, it is not suitable for all figures.If you have a considerable figure, you can wear sexy underwear to the street, which will look more charming.However, if your figure is currently thinner or fat, it is recommended to make some adjustments first, and then try to strengthen exercise.

The benefits and significance of wearing sexy underwear on the street

When you go to the streets in sexy underwear, you will find that you become more challenging and more confident.For those who are not confident in their own figure and temperament, sexy underwear has become an excellent way to show self, which also brings more color and more excitement to your daily life.In addition, wearing sexy underwear on the street can also increase your charm and make you pay more attention. This is the best practical method for those who want to improve their social ability.


It is a kind of courage to wear sexy underwear on the street and affirmation of self, but you also need to consider it carefully.Those who wear sexy underwear on the streets need to be confident first, but also need to fully understand the surrounding environment and their own figures and temperament.Of course, in order to protect your privacy, you must find safe and suitable occasions.

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