Wear sex underwear in the bathroom to have sex

Wear sex underwear in the bathroom to have sex


Sexy underwear is one of the important elements in the sex life of modern couples, and wearing sex underwear in the bathroom is a unique and exciting experience.The following will introduce some matters about wearing sexy underwear in the bathroom.

Choose sexy underwear

When choosing sexy underwear, consider more materials and sexy.The water temperature in the bathroom is high. It is recommended to choose a sexy underwear with good cotton or silk quality to avoid too sexy materials that may make you uncomfortable.At the same time, the sexy degree of sexy underwear has different levels, and different styles are selected according to the characteristics of your own and partners.

Bathroom environment

The bathroom is a humid space. It is recommended to dry the bathroom before preparing sex to avoid slipping; maintain good ventilation to avoid air non -circulation.You can put some fragrant candles or essential oils in the bathroom to increase the atmosphere.

Partner cooperation

In the bathroom, water will make the skin slippery. It is recommended to choose some stable posture, and at the same time you need to cooperate with your partner.Actions in the water require the coordination of posture and strength. Good cooperation can make your experience better.

be safe

Pay attention to safety in the bathroom.The slippery ground and your sexy underwear are easy to become a potential threat to slip or cause burns, so you need to pay more attention to safety issues.


Lubricants are diluted in water, so waterproof lubricants are recommended.In addition, you need to pay attention to whether the ingredients of the lubricant have a allergic reaction to themselves, and choose products with mild ingredients.


Water and sexy underwear in the bathroom can play a role in stimulating lust.You can choose to play water in the sexy underwear, or let the water flow from your body, bringing a more lively and sexy experience to yourself and your partner.

Clean sexy underwear

The relatively convenient cleaning in the bathroom has become an advantage. After having sex, you can directly put the sexy underwear into the washing machine to clean it to reduce the cost of cleaning.

Nursing after bathing

After completing the love in the bathroom, you need to pay attention to your body care.Use mild soap to clean the body, while using convergent water and coating moisturizing lotion to help the body keep better.


It is a special experience in wearing a sexy underwear in the bathroom, which can make two people contact more intimately in the joy of physical and soul.Before starting, you need to consider the choice of safety, cleaning and sexy underwear.I hope these tips can help everyone spend a good time in the bathroom.

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