Wear sex underwear in field movies


Field themes have always attracted much attention, or because they truly reproduce life, or because they create a special atmosphere and emotion.In field movies, the heroine often appears in sexy sexy underwear. How should the sexy underwear in this occasion be chosen?In this article, we will answer this question step by step.

Step 1: Movie scenes need to be considered

When choosing a sexy underwear, the first thing that needs to be considered is the scene of the movie.The scenes in the movie often determine the selection of clothing. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, during the day or night, whether it is wild or city, etc., it will directly affect the choice of sexy underwear.In field movies, because the scene is often outdoor environment, you need to pay attention to heat dissipation and insects when choosing sexy underwear.

Step 2: Consider the character’s identity

In field movies, the identity of the heroine is a critical factor.If she is a soldier, she needs to wear more tight and better sexy underwear.If she is an ordinary citizen or a hunting explorer, she can choose a lighter and comfortable style.

Step 3: Consider activity

Field movies generally have many external persecution factors, such as ice and snow, snakes, beasts and so on.Therefore, the comfort and activity of sexy underwear are also very important.Some typical choices include sports vests and yoga pants.Such a design structure allows you to have more free physical activities and reduce discomfort during the tightness of dressing.

Step 4: Consider environmental protection

In the wild environment, the raw materials of sexy underwear should have a certain environmental friendly type.For example, natural cotton, bamboo fiber, hemp fiber, etc. are a good choice.These natural materials of sexy underwear are good for breathability, comfort, and environmental protection, and can maintain skin health.

Step 5: Consider accessories

It is also important to choose the appropriate accessories.In field movies, some people will choose a floral style or contrast with a map bag, while others will choose the gorgeous red and leather bands.No matter what kind of choice, you can better highlight your personal taste and fashion.

Step 6: Consider color

The color of sexy underwear is also important.Whether you choose black, white, red, or other colors, you need to pay attention to the occasion and atmosphere.In the context of field films, it is recommended that girls not choose too fancy colors, and dark colors are more appropriate.

Step 7: Consider material and quality

When choosing sexy underwear, quality and material are very important factor.In field movies, choosing high -quality and high -performance materials can better adapt to complex environments and abnormal climate.At the same time, you should also pay attention to choosing a material with good breathability, which helps reduce the discomfort of moistness and sweltering.

Step 8: Consider size and comfort

The size and comfort of sex underwear are also very important.In the situation in field movies, sexy underwear should be suitable for the body and comfortable.Tightering and loose pine can affect action and activities, and may put pressure on the body.

Step 9: Consider storage and portable

The situation in field movies is more complicated, and the storage and carriers of sexy underwear are also important.You should choose a convenient sexy underwear, which can be stored and briefly carried on your body.

Step 10: Summary

It is not easy to choose the appropriate sexy underwear in field movies, but if you can do business step by step, choose appropriate sexy underwear in the aspects of scenes, identity, activity, environmental protection, accessories, materials and quality, size, and portfolio.I believe you will be able to play the best state in field movies, and at the same time make your image more decent and charming.

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