Washing underwear is embarrassing after washing

1. The importance of sexy underwear washing methods

Interest underwear is a special type of underwear. Due to its fabrics, styles, and special functions, special cleaning methods are required to ensure the intact quality and service life of the underwear.

2. Preparation before washing

Before cleaning the erotic underwear, you should first loosen the hooks of the underwear to avoid wrapping between the underwear.In addition, underwear needs to be classified to distinguish underwear that belongs to the same washing standard, which helps to choose washing products and control the washing time.

Third, the choice of underwear washing products

Under normal circumstances, it is not recommended to use traditional laundry powder, soap and other clean products to clean the sexy underwear.Such products may cause great damage to underwear fabrics and reduce the life of underwear.

Fourth, the choice of hand washing and machine washing

Because the sexy underwear fabric is relatively special, it is easy to damage. It is recommended to use hand washing to clean it.Avoiding washing machine washing, on the one hand, due to the rubbing of washing opportunities and squeezing underwear, it caused damage and deformation; on the other hand, some sexy underwear may cause damage to the washing machine.

Fifth, the steps of washing sex underwear in hand

The specific steps of hand-washing of sexy underwear mainly include: fill in water-add detergent-uniform foam-soaked underwear-light washing-rinse-drying.

6. The drying method of underwear

After cleaning the erotic underwear, the correct drying method is needed.It is best to use natural ventilation methods to place underwear in a good ventilation place to avoid direct sunlight to protect the fabrics and colors of the underwear.

Seven, underwear storage methods

After the cleaning is completed, the correct storage method is needed to protect underwear.It is best to choose a dry and ventilated place to avoid long -term in a humid environment, and it is easy to breed odors, mold and other problems.

8. The maintenance skills of underwear

Interest underwear is a delicate underwear style, which requires our more energy to protect and maintain.In normal use, try to avoid friction and friction as much as possible to ensure that the fabrics of the underwear are intact.In addition, some special maintenance spray can be used before or when washing to maintain the softness and elasticity of the underwear.

Nine, the replacement time of underwear

In addition to regular cleaning and maintenance, the regular replacement of sexy underwear is also very important.Under normal circumstances, it is recommended not to use underwear for more than 6 months.This can protect the hygiene and health of the underwear, but also to ensure the effect of use.

10. The consequences and solutions of improper cleaning

Improper cleaning methods may cause some damage to underwear.At this time, some professional repair products can be used to repair underwear to avoid too much loss.


The cleaning and maintenance of sexy underwear requires us to spend some time and energy to complete.Only by adopting professional cleaning methods and maintenance skills can we maximize the life of the underwear and allow our body to enjoy more comprehensive protection.

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