Wanzhan wearing fun underwear

The truth about wearing a fun underwear

Today, many people will choose to wear sexy, sexy, or "interest" underwear as a match on the occasion of participating in animation exhibitions, COSPLAY activities.This matching method undoubtedly increases the visual impact of clothing, but the truth behind this is little known.

Whether sexy underwear is suitable for anime show

Before we solve this problem, we need to understand the characteristics of "sexy underwear".Interest underwear is a lace lace -style underwear. The fabrics usually contact with the skin are soft and smooth, and the code is diverse.Therefore, the skin feels good on the skin.Due to the complex workmanship, the price is usually high.

The sexy underwear with a strong visual impact is very popular at the anime exhibition because it can quickly grab the attention of others.However, exhibitors should not only consider these, they also need to understand the purpose of wearing sexy underwear.Want to show your body?Still eager to get more attention or the opportunity to run the catwalk?The photo is also one of the mainstream of today’s social media. The appearance of sexy underwear will bring attention and praise, and it will also stimulate the resentment of the audience who likes to "ridicule."So be careful to consider this issue.

Don’t over -express

When wearing sexy underwear, please be careful not to over -fat or expose your privacy parts.This is impolite and embarrassing and convenient.More importantly, doing so will destroy the beauty of sexy underwear, and it is difficult to attract people’s attention.

Psychological tolerance must be strong

It may be an interesting thing to wear sexy underwear in the public view, but it is also very challenging.It will attract too much attention when wearing a sexy underwear. If you can’t bear these eyes, you will become very embarrassing and uncomfortable.In addition, wearing erotic underwear must also consider the coordination with the surrounding environment -if people wearing sexy underwear have too much contrast to the surrounding people, they may even evolve into a visual violence.

You must pay attention to small details

If you plan to wear sexy underwear at anime exhibition, you must consider details when deciding to dress.For example, you can match paper or shorts, and you should also pay attention to wearing lighthouses to prevent inconvenience caused by crashing in too crowded venues.Side not to make sexy underwear feel trouble and maintain high -quality display.In addition, you should also pay attention to your behavior.You must follow the etiquette.

Choose suitable clothes

Different people have different figures, so when choosing sexy underwear, you must choose a style that suits you.Basic styles are suitable for most people, but they must choose cautiously for the masses of physical gender.When selecting the size, follow the product description.In addition, there are many different styles and links when wearing sexy underwear, so try to choose equipment that meets the corresponding occasions.

Highly dressed requirements

When choosing to wear sexy underwear, it is also very important to wear.Clothing with sex underwear should be the overall dress, which can be short skirts/long skirts, long T-shirts or shorts.The shape of the whole person should look trendy and not too exposed.

Shoes cannot be less

When wearing sexy underwear at anime exhibition, shoes are very important.Women can choose high heels or leather boots to match clothing. Men can choose sneakers or leather shoes.Be careful not to choose shoes with too high or too halo, which will be very unfavorable to your actions.

The technique of sexy underwear with other underwear

If you want to try to wear other underwear to match sexy underwear, then you need to choose very cautiously.When paired with two sexy underwear, you can choose meat -colored coats, such as embroidered cute flowers.Matching the color and style of sexy underwear can greatly improve your visual impact.When wearing sexy underwear, eye makeup and strange hairstyles are also important, and they can play a role in rainbow.

Get more attention

Finally, if you want to get more attention, in addition to wearing sexy underwear, you can also show your talents in other aspects such as performance, cosplay, talk, etc.However, you must never jump out of the boundaries of justice, culture and morality.

in conclusion

In short, wearing sexy underwear is very interesting at anime exhibition.However, when choosing your own match, size, and style, please handle it carefully.In addition, it is also important to pay attention to your behavior and coordination with the surrounding environment.By observing whether you can withstand your eyes and actions, choose the most suitable and sexy underwear and matching, you can also become the most glorious person in the exhibition.

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