Wait for a boyfriend at home in sexy underwear

Wait for a boyfriend at home in sexy underwear

Imagine a scene: You are waiting for the arrival of your boyfriend at home, and you want to prepare some wonderful and super sexy "surprises" for him, then wearing erotic underwear is a good choice.Wearing a sexy underwear is the dream of many women. Whether you try it for the first time or want to understand the erotic lingerie, this article will help you choose the right underwear and how to wear better.

Choose the right sexy underwear

First of all, in order to choose the right sexy underwear, you need to consider the following aspects:

1. Choose underwear style according to your body and style

If your chest is full, you can choose a lingerie with a cup and steel ring, which can effectively tighten your chest and improve the lines of the chest.If you are thinner, you can choose to bite underwear and high -waist shorts, which can show your curves and waist lines.In addition, choosing styles according to your style is also very important.

2. Pay attention to the choice of material

The material of sexy underwear is generally divided into nylon, lace and silk, and the texture and sensation of each material are different.Among them, nylon and lace are relatively common materials. They can better modify their bodies and feel softer and comfortable. Silk is more suitable for decoration of accessories for sexy underwear.

3. Collaboration and style should be matched

Different people like different colors and styles, so when choosing sexy underwear, they must be consistent with their own personality and preferences.The recommended colors are red, black, and pink.

Dressed in sexy underwear

After choosing a suitable sexy underwear, we will wear problems. How to wear sexy underwear is more wonderful and sexy?The following points may help you:

1. Make yourself feel comfortable

The design of many sexy underwear across your private parts, so adjust it according to your needs when wearing it.To ensure your physical comfort when you wear it, it is not recommended to move in a tight sexy underwear for a long time.

2. Find the right home venue

It is also very important to choose the right home venue. It is not recommended to wear sexy underwear in front of guests.It is best to wear sexy underwear in your own house or a quiet and private place.

3. Vitality and endurance

Wearing erotic underwear requires endurance and vitality, because most of them are very tight and require various postures to reflect good results.So be prepared before wearing fun underwear.

4. Accessories are indispensable

Accessories are an important part of sexy underwear. Choosing some necklaces, earrings and socks that can be matched with sex underwear can make the effect of sexy underwear more perfect.


Wearing a suitable erotic underwear can make you more sexy and mysterious, bringing him more surprises when waiting for his boyfriend.It is important to choose the right sexy underwear. Pay attention to style, material and color matching.Wearing sexy underwear also needs to pay attention to some problems, such as feeling comfort, finding suitable home venues, stire and vitality.Finally, accessories are also indispensable for sexy underwear, which can make the effect of sexy underwear more perfect.

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