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In recent years, the fun underwear industry has attracted more and more attention.However, many people may not understand the production process of sexy underwear.Today, we will take you into a sexy underwear processing base to unveil your mystery.

Selection and production

First of all, the selection of sexy underwear is very important.Workers at the processing base will carefully select various fabrics, lace and other materials.For example, some delicate silk fabrics, transparent and bright lace, require very careful selection and matching.In this link of skin contact fabrics, we also need to pay great attention to quality and comfort.


Next, workers at the processing base need to cut and stitch various fabrics based on the designer’s design.Before the proofing, they first made the design manuscript into a 3D model and carried out the initial stitching.Then, after the acceptance of the designer and the person in charge of the production, the final proofing and adjustment is performed to meet the design requirements.

Meticulous sewing

In the detailed sewing link, the workers of the processing base are also very professional.They will use various professional sewing equipment, such as embroidery machines and seamless machines, to gradually sew, close, ironed, and ironed the fabrics.In this process, they will achieve specific effects and details according to different fabrics and design requirements.

Exquisite decoration

In the decoration, the sexy and details of the sexy underwear are reflected.Workers at the processing base will conduct various special treatment and decoration according to the design requirements.Such as: diamond inlaid, embroidery, etc., so that the overall effect of the underwear is the best.


To ensure the quality of sexy underwear, workers at the processing base have complicated and strict quality control on all production processes.From selection to proofing, from sewing to decoration, they must continue to check and ensure that every small detail is perfect.


After a series of complex production processes, sexy underwear was finally born.Next, workers at the processing base need to carefully clean up them, and divide the products into different categories, classification arrangements, packaging, labeling, labeling and packing, and packing them in strict regulations.Only in this way can every erotic underwear entering the market is perfect.

Warehouse delivery

Finally, the workers at the processing base will put them in the warehouse for storage.At the same time, they are also responsible for picking, packing, reviewing goods, checking invoices, and delivery to customers on time according to the requirements of the order.

Buyer evaluation

In modern society, sexy underwear has not only has a sexy temptation, but also has become an important factor in the demand for viewing and purchasing.When buying sexy underwear, many people pay attention to factors such as quality assurance and processing process behind the production process.Workers at the processing base are committed to making every sexy underwear as art, and provide buyers with high quality, unique, comfortable and easy to wear underwear.What they pursue is the good minds of buyers.

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