Video of posture of wearing sex underwear to take pictures


Many women like to wear sexy underwear when taking pictures, because this kind of clothes can enhance their sexy and self -confidence.However, how to shoot the best effect depends on your posture and shooting skills.In this article, we will provide you with some suitable posture videos in sexy underwear.


You need to prepare some jobs before taking pictures.First, choose a sexy underwear that is suitable for you to ensure that the size and style conform to your figure and the style you want to perform.Secondly, find a suitable shooting site and light, you can choose to shoot on the bed, bathroom or outdoor.

Pose 1: Stand

The standing posture is suitable for taking photos of the whole body or half.You can tilt a tip slightly outward, and at the same time focus on the other foot, let your body present a streamlined type.

Pose 2: Siller

The tilt posture is suitable for highlighting the chest or hip.You can tilt your body to the left or right first, and then focus on the other feet.At this point, you can put one hand on your hips or touch your hair to increase the sexy atmosphere.

Pose three: sitting position

The position of the sitting position is suitable for highlighting the thigh part.You can find a comfortable chair or sofa first, and then sit down like a daily sitting position.Don’t bow too much, relax your body, you can put both legs together or a little bit, put your hands on the inside of the thigh or hold the back of the hand chair, or hold your knees to show your body a soft curve.

Pose 4: lying on your back

The posture of supine is suitable for highlighting the abdomen and thighs.You can lie on the bed or on the ground first, let your back stick to a soft mattress or grass.Gently gently cross the inside of the upper arm, and slowly put it over.This posture can highlight your waist and curve.

Pose 5: Lie on the side

The side lying posture is suitable for taking side or half -body photos.Lie on the bed or the ground, hold one hand holding the hips, and the other hand gently stroke your stomach.The legs can be bent slightly to highlight your hips and thighs.

Pose 6: Squat

The squat posture is suitable for shooting thighs and hips.You can squat on the ground or on the bed, your legs together or cross your knees.Leave your body forward and raise your head up, making your body look longer and charming.

Pose seven: tiptoe

The posture of the tiptoe is suitable for highlighting the legs and hips.You can stand or squat, and then your toes up upwards, making your calf and hip muscles more prominent.At the same time, you can straighten your chest to increase your confidence.

Posture eight: lying down

The prone posture is suitable for highlighting the hips and back lines.You can lie in bed or on the ground first, lift your hips, and support your body with both hands.This can make your back line look very beautiful and sexy.

in conclusion

Wearing a sexy underwear is a method that enhances self -confidence and charm.Choosing the underwear style and the correct shooting posture that suits you will make the results more satisfactory.In addition, remember to maintain a good attitude and self -confidence so that you can truly emit sexy power.

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