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What is Zhongwaomyo Dolging

Honotypes are a specially designed sexy underwear. Its chest, waist, buttocks, etc. are set as empty cave, which can expose some parts of the body and achieve the effect of sexy and temptation.Honesty -free underwear is usually made of soft and comfortable fabrics. It can adjust the size of the shoulder straps, waist and hips. The tight design can shape the body curve and make women more charming.

Classification of hollow sex lingerie

Depending on the design method and the use occasions, hollow sexy underwear can be divided into multiple types.Among them, the common daily wear, passionate interactive type, dance performance, role -playing, etc.These different types of hollow erotic underwear have obvious differences in design, and the purpose of use also has different characteristics.

Daily wear -type medium -halals sexy underwear

Daily wearing medium -wearing collar sexy underwear is usually simple and generous, showing women’s sense of fashion and elegance.Most of this sexy underwear is used for sleeping or daily wear. The empty design and the function of adjusting the size can still make women feel different confident and sexy.

Passionate interactive Chinese sexy lingerie

Passionate interactive medium sexy underwear is usually used for sexual life or experience some excitement with his partner.This type of hollow sexy underwear design is more bold and luxurious, and the color and sexuality are more prominent. It can arouse more eroticism and bring more stimulus and pleasure to couples.

Dance Performing Mergotic Lover

Dance performances are usually used in dance performances and performing arts performances.This type of hollow sex lingerie design is more unique and gorgeous, and the color and details are very particular.This kind of sexy underwear can bring more live performance when wearing, and allow the audience to have a sensory experience with visual impact.

Role -playing medium -empty sexy underwear

Role -played medium -empty sexy underwear is often used for some specific occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween, etc.The design of this sexy underwear is usually accompanied by a specific role -playing. Through the connection of clothing and sexy underwear, it has created a more immersive effect, allowing people to experience a deeper and gorgeous erotic experience.

How to match the fun underwear

In order to make the ladies in the plastic underwear wearing in the most attractive, the matching method is also very critical.Generally speaking, it is best to choose sexy accessories such as high -heeled shoes in hollow sexy underwear. At the same time, with color matching and personal style style, to create a set of elegance, sexy, noble fashion style.

Maintenance of hollow sex lingerie

In order to make COFCOs more durable and to maintain hygiene, women need to pay attention to some details when using and maintaining sexy underwear.First of all, hollow sexy underwear needs to clearly clear and cold water, clean it with warm water, avoid soaking or rubbing, and try to use a neutral cleaner as much as possible.Secondly, it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight and high temperature drying during drying.

Suitable occasion of hollow sex lingerie

The suitable occasions of hollow sex underwear are different due to their different types.Daily wearing medium -shaped sexy underwear is suitable for wearing at home, or enhance women’s confidence and charm when wearing.Passionate interactive and role -playing neutralized underwear is more suitable for sex life or special occasions.And dance performances are suitable for dance performances, stage performances, entertainment venues, adding more excitement and sexy colors to such places.

The wearing skills of hollow erotic underwear

You need to pay attention to some tricks in wearing fun underwear, such as trying to close the body as much as possible, adjust the height height, and pay attention to the beauty and coordination of the body posture.When wearing fun underwear, you should also pay attention to your body advantages and defects, and make some adjustments to highlight your sexy advantages.

in conclusion

Honethars are a unique type of sexy underwear, and their design, classification and applicable occasions all show diversified characteristics.Pay attention and attention in wearing fun underwear in the aspects of matching, maintenance, suitable occasions, and wearing skills in order to truly achieve the effect of physical and mental pleasure, more tempting and sexy.

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