Use stockings to make sexy underwear

How to make erotic underwear with stockings

Stockings can be said to be a common material made of sexy underwear.Not only are flexible, light and breathable, but also have sexy visual effects.In this article, I will introduce you to how to use stockings to make your favorite sexy underwear.

Choose stockings

First of all, choose suitable stockings to make sexy underwear.It is best to choose thin and tough stockings so that the underwear made in this way will be more personal and more sexy.

Choose style and style

Secondly, the style and style of underwear should be selected according to personal preferences and needs.Some popular stockings sexy underwear includes stockings and corsets, stockings and pants and stockings suspenders.

measure size

Before making stockings, you need to measure your body size to ensure that the produced underwear is more personal and comfortable.The size that needs to be measured includes the fence of the chest, waist, hip and thighs.

Make stockings and corset

Making stockings and corsets need to mark the corresponding size on the huge stockings, and tailor the required shape according to the marking.Next, you need to sew both sides together so that the stockings are reasonably distributed around the body.Finally, add rubber bands where the chest is needed to enhance comfort.

Make stockings panties

The production of stockings is similar to the production of stockings and corset.First mark the size and tailor the required shape.Next, sutured on both sides, making stockings close to the body.The most important step is to add rubber bands to important support sites to make underwear more personal and comfortable.

Make stockings suspender

It is relatively simple to make stockings. You only need to cut the appropriate stockings, and then stitch the strap on both sides that need to be tied.You only need to choose the appropriate stockings style according to your body size and preferences, and make a camisole according to the above methods.

How to wear stockings sexy underwear

After the production is completed, wearing stockings erotic underwear will be more challenging.It is necessary to completely tie each part of the body to show the sexy and beauty of the underwear.Of course, the appropriate underwear accessories need to be used to strengthen the effect of underwear.


When making stockings in stockwear, you need to pay attention to some safety and hygiene issues.First of all, it is necessary to ensure that the stockings will not be too tight, and the important parts must be appropriately strengthened.

in conclusion

In general, the method of making sexy underwear with stockings is not complicated. As long as there are certain technical skills and patience, you can make satisfactory underwear.However, using stockings to make underwear also need to pay attention to safety, health and comfort to get better sexy effects.

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