Type A sexy underwear

What is Type A sexy underwear

Type A sex underwear is a sexy underwear designed for the chest A and B cups. They put more focus on the parts of highlighting sexy curves and increasing the outline of the body.


Type A’s colorful lingerie has a variety of styles, usually in the following forms: triangular cups, deep V -shaped cups, flat mouth cups, half cups, cup types, vests, etc.Moreover, they are usually equipped with tightness of the shoulder straps and back looses to better adapt to different shapes.


Type A sex underwear is usually A and B and B. Therefore, the design focuses on fine tailoring and strengthening modeling. It aims to make the chest look fuller and more attractive.

Fabric and texture

Regarding the fabric and texture, the smooth and soft fiber texture, such as silk, lace, knitting, etc., can better fit the skin and add texture and color levels.Moreover, the fabric must have ventilation and sweat absorption, while ensuring comfort while avoiding sweat stains and odors.


The style of type A sex underwear has a variety of colors. In addition to the eternal classic hue of black and red, it also includes bright colors such as pink, purple, and yellow.However, the color matching should be reasonable and try to avoid too publicity or too complicated trend.

Way of matching

The matching method of Type A sex underwear is generally divided into inside and outside.Inner clothing is mainly used for daily wear or matching with other clothing, adding interest and sexy atmosphere.The outer clothing must consider texture and style, maximize the sexy of the underwear, and maximize the minimum of the underwear, with a high -quality knitted jacket or a thick suit suit.

Brand recommendation

There are many A -type sex underwear brands on the market, such as Victoria’s Secret, Agent Provocateur, Lise Charmel and other brands are very well -known, with high quality and cost -effectiveness.In addition, you can also choose domestic brands in moderation, such as L’Oreal and Sooner.


The maintenance of type A sex underwear is also very important. To avoid washing directly with soap or cleaning solution, you can use the low -temperature washing machine in the laundry bag to clean it, or you can wash it with cold water.At the same time, keep the underwear dry and avoid exposure in the sun.

Suitable group

Type A sex underwear is suitable for women with A and B cups, especially those with relatively flat breasts and women with less body curves.In addition, for women who want to show sexy atmosphere, you can also choose this style of sexy underwear.


In general, Type A sexy underwear is an excellent sexy underwear. It is particularly suitable for women with A and B cups. It is a symbol of sexy atmosphere.As long as you choose the style and brand that suits you, and the correct wearing and maintenance methods, you will definitely make you full of sexy and confident on various occasions.

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