Two -dimensional sexy underwear transparent atlas

Beautiful elf

In the two -dimensional sexy underwear, the design of the elves style is the most popular.The themes of this kind of sexy underwear are often centered on nature, beauty and elegance. They are made with transparent gauze and lace. Sometimes some shiny small accessories are added, making the entire pattern look more three -dimensional and very popular with women.Essence

Mengmeng small animal

The sexy underwear of animal themes is also very popular in the second dimension.Some small and cute animal elements are added to sexy underwear, such as kittens, puppies, rabbits, etc., often give people a fresh and cute feeling.This kind of sexy underwear usually uses bright colors to bring more vitality.

Sexy maid

The erotic underwear of the maid theme is a classic style.It uses black, white and other basic tones with a strong European style.The lower skirts and deep inserted collar complement each other. With the short design, it can perfectly show the curve beauty of women’s figure and stimulate the sexy and desires deep in people’s hearts.

Sexy clothing

Sexy clothing shows the beautiful figure and plump curve of women, releasing an incredible attractiveness.This kind of sexy underwear is usually made of thin gauze, which is very transparent, which can show the delicate beauty of the skin.At the same time, designers often use hollow and lace design to make these sexy underwear full of artistic and creative sense.

Deep V show

Deep V style in the second -dimensional sexy underwear often gives women a deep sexy feeling.Deep V style sexy underwear has a very low neckline, exposing women’s sexy and charming collarbone and perfect chest lines, especially suitable for women with full breasts.This erotic underwear is very fitted with the body curve in size, which can perfectly show the charm of women.

Gentle lace

Lace is an indispensable element of sexy underwear.In the two -dimensional sexy underwear, transparent and light lace often uses as fabrics, which are popular with women due to their softness, comfort, breathable and hygroscopic characteristics.The elegant lace is used to decorate all parts of sexy underwear, thereby creating a sexy and elegant overall image.

Cartoon element

In two -dimensional sexy underwear, the use of cartoon elements is very common.Cartoon characters small and fresh images are often used to break the balanced point of sexy and tacky, such as pink pigs Peizer sexy underwear, etc. This kind of sexy lingerie usually gives people a very cute feeling.

Sexy leather

Cortic is a representative of sexy.In two -dimensional sexy underwear, high -end artificial leather and PU fabrics are often used to make sexy sexy underwear, such as the apron hanging the neck with a low vest, the small pleated skirt stretching the long cylindrical seeds, the keyhole, the leather shorts, etc.This kind of sexy underwear is equipped with red or black high -heeled shoes, especially suitable for women with wave -type figure.


Retro theme is another important element of two -dimensional sexy underwear.Two -dimensional sexy underwear design usually uses retro elements in the 1950s and 1960s, such as round necks, ruffled edges, denim materials, etc. The designer’s addition through these elements makes the entire erotic lingerie scattered a classic of unbearable classicsAesthetics.

In place

In the two -dimensional sexy underwear, details are the key.How to hide the omissions of the lace, the creases of Luo Sa, and how to make the beautiful cotton and silk and lace reveal their beauty and elegance depends on the details of the sexy underwear.These erotic underwear requires fine craftsmanship, complex details, perfect cutting and sophisticated details to make women feel better when using.


To sum up, every woman should try two -dimensional sexy underwear. This is not only for her boyfriend or husband, but more importantly, this is a manifestation of making women confident and showing self -charm.Two -dimensional sexy underwear occupies an important position in the development of the entire underwear industry. In the future, it will continue to become a leader who provides high -end and luxurious sexy underwear to the market.

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