Top Ten Sex Underwear Brands Ranking

How does the top ten sex lingerie brands produce?The rankings are obtained through detailed quality and market survey on the sexy underwear brands on the market.In this regard, you don’t have to worry about the popularity of sexy underwear. We will provide as simple and easy -to -understand knowledge popularization as possible, and introduce the main categories and brands in it.

1. "Victoria’s Secret"

As a woman’s favorite erotic underwear brand, Victoria’s secret was founded in 1977, located in the United States, and is headquartered in Ohio.They are now one of the only companies that have more than 1,000 brand stores around the world, pushing them first.Their products include various types of sexy underwear, including underwear, swimsuits, pajamas, perfumes, cosmetics, etc.

2. "Agent Provocateur"

Agent Provocateur is a brand with an annual sales of 50 million pounds in the UK and is also the second -ranked sex underwear brand in the world.It was founded in 1994 and is a British private company, headquartered in London.This brand of underwear is made of high -grade materials and handmade. It reveals elegant European flavor and is loved by women.

3. "Calvin Klein"

Provide underwear to both men and women. Calvin Klein is not only one of the representatives of sexy underwear brands, but also one of the world -renowned brands.Established in 1968, headquartered in New York City, USA.The brand has hundreds of specialty stores worldwide, and the quality and design of the product are characterized by simplicity and style.

4. "La Perla"

The LA Perla brand was founded in 1954. It is the leader of the Italian underwear industry. Its underwear is famous for its soft lines, classic luxury and gorgeous details.La Perla is also one of the largest jewelry brands in the world.

5. "wolford"

Wolford was founded in 1950. It is a Austrian brand and one of the sexy underwear brands that have grown rapidly worldwide.It is famous for its high -quality knitted underwear and other various personal clothes, which is welcomed by fashion enthusiasts.

6. "bordelle"

Bordelle started in 2007 and is a creative underwear brand. The founder of the brand is a fashion designer.Bordelle emphasizes digital applications in brand marketing and launched some dramatic market propaganda activities.Their underwear is unique, sexy and modern, and is favored by fashion people.

7. "H & M"

H & M has also been involved in the market of sexy underwear and launched a price -performance retail product, which is a good choice for beginners.Unlike other brands, H & M underwear shows a fresh style and low -key interest in lightness.


AUBADE, as a French brand, was established in 1958 and is a company making female sexy underwear.Its underwear is famous for its gorgeous embroidery, delicate lace and exquisite design, and its iconic "half cup".AUBADE’s support and its comfort have become an important feature of its brand.

9. "CHANTAL Thomass"

ChanTal Thomass was established in 1975. It is a French company and is a global sexy lingerie brand. It is known for its independence, elegance and gorgeous.The brand’s underwear design is not the kind of tacky, too sexy, but more detailed, exquisite, and feminine.

10. "intimissimi"

Intimissimi is an Italian brand with a variety of age client groups. The brand offers different styles, size and color and texture of sexy underwear, as well as economic affordable prices.With the growth of the brand, Intimissimi has established its own brand image and culture worldwide.

Overall, these sexy underwear brands cover the market category from economic affordable to high -end luxury models.They are focused on the needs of quality, comfort and design uniqueness, and with the market’s demand for sexy design elements, they are committed to continuously improving the design, process and customer service of their underwear.

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