Top Ten Brands of Domestic Sex Underwear Brands

Top Ten Brands of Domestic Sex Underwear Brands

1. Ruxia

Ruxia is a sexy underwear brand founded in 1996 with more than 20 years of market experience.The brand is characterized by high -quality, cost -effective, and multi -style, suitable for women of different ages and figures.

2. Leyi

Leyi is a relatively new brand. It was established in 2013, but it has occupied a certain share in the domestic market.The brand’s style is relatively unique. It adopts geometric pattern design, and the visual effect is very good.In addition, Leyi’s products are mainly targeted at women aged 25-35.


As an old brand in the domestic sex lingerie market, Jipin has a history of 15 years.The brand is mainly sexy, and has multiple series to choose from, suitable for women of different styles.But the price is relatively high, mainly for women with certain spending power.

4. Coevals

COEVALS was founded in 2010. It is a sexy underwear brand with young women as its main consumer target.The brand’s design style is simple and fresh, with moderate prices and welcomed by young women consumers.

5. Sabana

Sabana has a history of 20 years and is one of the unique brands in the domestic sex lingerie market.The brand’s product style has a strong exotic style and is favored by women who love exotic culture.

6. Aimer

Aimer is one of the well -known domestic underwear brands, and its sexy underwear brands also occupy a high share in the market.The brand’s sexy lingerie style and quality are excellent, known for its elegant and generous design style and cost -effective.

7. Monis

Monis is an emerging brand in the domestic sex underwear market. It was established in 2012.The brand’s product styles are relatively diverse, suitable for women of different styles, of which the lace lace series is the most popular.

8. Attachment Rose

Acceptance Rose is a brand that focuses on sexual love underwear. The product design is simple and sexy, and the quality is very good.Suitable for women who love fashion, sexy, elegant.


PHEENY is a sexy underwear brand with fashion sexy style. The price of the product is relatively affordable, and it is more suitable for young women who are pursuing.

10. The magician of love

The magician of love is a very good -looking lingerie brand. Its product has a unique product style, a variety of styles, and a more affordable price.Suitable for modern women with independence, avant -garde fashion.

Conclusion: There are many domestic sexy underwear markets, and the price, style, and positioning are different. Consumers should choose according to their needs and consumer budget when choosing.But no matter which brand you choose, you should consider comfort and quality, and do not just focus on design or price.At the same time, we must also pay attention to personal health, and choose sexy underwear products for high -quality, comfortable and breathable materials.

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