Tmall suddenly pushes sexy underwear

Tmall push sex underwear incident

Recently, Tmall suddenly launched a variety of sexy underwear in its official push, which has attracted widespread attention and discussion.This move not only became a network hotspot for a while, but also caused some negative reactions and controversy.Next, we will analyze this phenomenon from several aspects.

Popularization of sexy culture

Compared with traditional culture, the sexy culture of modern society is more popular and accepted.People have no past depression and shyness for sexy underwear, adult supplies and other sex products to a certain extent.Therefore, Tmall’s practice of pushing sexy underwear is not too abrupt and unique.

Changes in the online consumer market

With the continuous expansion and subdivision of the online consumer market, the market for sex underwear has gradually formed a scale.This push can not only stimulate online consumer demand, but also bring new opportunities to the market.At the same time, similar behaviors also make more merchants invest in this market.

Impact of push content

What will the content such as push sex underwear affect the audience?This is also a question that needs attention.Although this content itself has no adverse effects, if it is excessively pushed, it will make people mistakenly believe that sexy and exposure are synonymous with beauty.This tendency will not only distort people’s aesthetics, but also affect normal social communication.

Market demand and business strategy

Tmall pushes sex underwear to consider the actual demand of the market, and it is also a part of business strategies.In an increasingly fierce competitive environment, merchants need to continue to innovate and break through to attract more consumers into the market.Therefore, although this push has caused controversy, it is also a pragmatic measure from a business perspective.

Social moral standards and freedom development

Does it comply with social moral norms such as sexy underwear?This is a controversial topic.Some people believe that this product will guide people to pursue a more luxurious and indulgent experience in terms of sex, while others believe that this product is in line with the needs of people’s free development.In fact, how to balance the relationship between social ethics and free development is a difficult problem.

New trend of network promotion

Pushing erotic lingerie also shows a new trend of online promotion behavior.In the era of information explosion, consumers’ attention can be attracted only under moderate situations and rules.It is also a popular approach to implement products such as networks like the Internet.

Proper and reasonable use

Because of the special nature of sexy underwear, we should use them more properly and reasonably.As a part of modern civilization, sexy underwear needs more attention and specifications. We do not let this phenomenon lose its original meaning and value.

Merchant responsibility and social responsibility

When merchants push sex underwear, they also need to bear the corresponding responsibility.For example, proper confirmation of the marketing objects to ensure that they are adults who are 18 years old, and they must strictly abide by relevant standards and regulations when designing and manufacturing products.

The artistic nature of transmitting information

Tmall pushes sexy underwear to have a certain artistry.In the transfer of information, Tmall integrates sexy underwear with multiple elements such as physical aesthetics and philosophy of life, making the push content more vivid and interesting.Such creativity and conception are a new trend in the current fashion media industry.


A part that women cannot be ignored in society are current trends.And sexy underwear is part of women’s consumption demand.Tmall pushes sexy underwear to some extent, promoting the development of the online product market to a certain extent, focuses on consumer needs and the interaction of merchants, and has also opened a new round of network promotion.We need to look at this phenomenon rationally and peacefully.

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