There are small holes under the sexy underwear

What is Xiaodong?

The small holes under the sexy underwear are actually a special style of underwear design, and it is also a form of sexy expression.This design allows women’s lower body to reveal a sense of mystery, and at the same time make others feel a temptation, and will not directly destroy the overall beauty of the underwear.

Common small holes

There are many different types of small caves under the sexy underwear.The more common types are:

"V" shaped hole under the collarbone

Triangular hole on the buttocks

Sexy triangular hole

The inverted triangle in the middle of the front chest

Small Cave Material

The small holes under the sex underwear are usually soft and comfortable materials.Such as latex, silk, lace, etc.These materials can not only show the sexy of women, but also play a role in protecting, making women feel comfortable when wearing.

Whether the small hole is breathable

This depends on the material and size of the small cave.If the material is soft and comfortable, and the size of the hole is suitable, the small hole is breathable.But if the small hole is too small or the material is discomfort, it will affect the breathability.

Is the cutting of small caves important?

The cutting of small caves is very important.Good cutting can show the sexy curve of women and also protect privacy.If the cut is not good, it is easy to destroy the beauty of underwear.Therefore, you must pay attention to the quality of cutting when choosing fun underwear.

Suitable for women who wear sexy underwear

Women who are suitable for sexy underwear need to be confident, independent, brave, and eager to try new things.They enjoy their own bodies, have the courage to break through the traditional concept, and hope to achieve self -worth.Of course, everyone can try sexy underwear, as long as they feel comfortable and free.

How big is the bust of sexy underwear?

The size of the erotic underwear is designed according to the bust, waist, and hips.Therefore, sexy underwear needs to be suitable for individuals.Wearing a comfortable and comfortable underwear can not only maintain good figure lines, but also make yourself more confident and beautiful.

How to maintain sexy underwear

Interest underwear is usually worn on a relatively special occasion, so better maintenance is needed.The recommended maintenance method includes::

Hand -to -hand: Wash it with a neutral cleaner. Be careful not to scrub or rub it lightly.

Drying: Avoid using a dryer or drying the sun.

Category storage: Classified and storage of sexy underwear with other clothing to avoid directly stacked.

The future trend of small cave design

As a design element of sexy underwear, Xiaodong will maintain a certain market, but as a fashionable leader, it also needs some creativity and change to maintain the freshness of the market.The new underwear design trend will focus on the comfort and functionality of wearing, and also pay attention to the addition of creative elements.


The design style of the small hole under the sex underwear is a fashion element that shows femininity and sexy.Although in daily life, it may not be suitable for wearing, but wearing in specific occasions can achieve good results.At the same time, the new creative design will bring more possibilities to sexy underwear design, making it more suitable for the wearing needs of more people.

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