The target likes his wife wearing a sexy lingerie

The target likes his wife wearing a sexy lingerie

Interest underwear is usually used to increase the taste and stimulus of sexual life.For some people, wearing sexy underwear in sex is a very effective way to stimulate.However, when a man asked his girlfriend or wife to wear sexy underwear, is this a healthy and moral requirements?This article will discuss the reason behind his wife who likes to wear a sexy underwear and how to deal with this situation.

Understand the needs of the object

First of all, understand why men like to watch women wear sexy underwear.For most men, sex is a visual experience.They need some visual stimuli to enrich their sexual life.Women wearing erotic underwear will bring visually stimuli to men and increase sexual fun.In addition, men want to see their women willing to change for them.When they see their women present themselves in different ways, this will increase their confidence.

Beneficial or harmful?

However, women are required to wear fun underwear may cause some problems.Some women may feel uncomfortable or inferior because they don’t like their bodies.This may also increase their sexual pressure.In addition, if sexy underwear becomes daily habits, then sexual life may also become too dependent on external stimuli, causing losing further challenges and joy.


If you have an object of his wife wearing fun underwear, how should you deal with it?First of all, communication is essential.Communicate your own feelings, ask his feelings, and try to understand your thoughts.Second, choose some suitable sexy underwear to meet your needs.Try some more comfortable options, such as sexy stockings, soft pajamas, or different colors and styles of underwear.In addition, do not use sex underwear as the only stimulus of sexual life. You should try other more diverse ways, such as sex toys or sex games.

Make you feel confident

Finally, it is worth noting that you should feel comfortable and confident anyway.Wearing a sex underwear is a personal choice that should never force others to do anything.If you don’t want to wear a fun underwear, please tell you your thoughts.Because the most important thing is that in sexual life, the two sides must feel comfortable and satisfied.


Therefore, it is understandable that the object likes his wife to wear fun underwear.It can increase the stimulus and challenges of sexual life, but it should not be the only theme of sexual life.You should communicate with your object and try some other ways, and you should eventually make you feel comfortable and confident.

Your view

What do you think of his wife’s love underwear?Do you have any other suggestions and opinions?We welcome you to share your views and stories to let more people understand and understand this topic.

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