The story of wearing a sex lingerie seducts her husband

Putty in marriage

My husband and I have been married for five years, and my marriage life is bland without passion.Sometimes I am a little dissatisfied with him. I always feel that he is not paying attention to me and not enthusiastic.

Temptation of sexy underwear

One day, I saw the advertisement of sexy underwear on the Internet. I moved in my heart and wanted to try it.I started to buy some sexy underwear intermittently, wearing them every day, trying to seduce my husband.

First wearing a sexy jacket

On the first night, I wore a set of black erotic underwear, a tulle mask, and lying on the bed and waiting for my husband.When he entered the house, he froze, but quickly reacted.We spent the passion and excitement overnight.

Over time

For a few weeks, the temptation of sexy underwear is very good, and my husband is more enthusiastic about me.But time passed slowly, he seemed to be no longer so interested in them, and we returned to the indifferent and bland marriage life.

Diversity of sexy underwear

I gradually discovered that every time my husband and I wore sexy underwear, his response would not be as strong as before.So I started to understand the diversity of love underwear, and try to choose different styles of underwear with different styles to stimulate her husband’s sensory nerves.

Try the new trick

I also started researching sexy toys and fun props. These toys can make our passion richer and fun.I tried to seduce my husband in various ways to use lubricating oil with color and flavor, or better oil such as honey.

Health and safety

Of course, I am also very concerned about health and safety issues.The sexy underwear and props I choose are guaranteed by brands and quality, and will not affect our health.Nothing can be more important than our health and body.

Be a better yourself

After these years of experiments and attempts, my concept has gradually changed.I realize that I should not rely on sexy underwear and props to maintain the passion and enthusiasm of marriage. Instead, I should make changes from the heart and become a better self.

Constantly create surprise

I also gradually understand that creating passion and surprises may not only rely on sexy underwear and props, but also can be achieved in different ways and occasions, such as travel, date, comic exhibition, etc. As long as we are willing to explore, we can find more beautifulAnd surprise.


Therefore, do n’t think of sexy underwear and props too important, and you should pay more attention to the communication and understanding in marriage, so that each other appreciates and respect each other. I believe this is the happiness of our life.

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