The sexy lingerie of AV

The sexy underwear of taking AV -experience is the key

When shooting AV, not only the superb performance skills of the actors, but also the appropriate sexy underwear to create a better atmosphere.So, how to choose sexy underwear suitable for shooting AV?Let’s take a look at it together.

Transparent erotic underwear -let people enter the role quickly

When shooting AV, transparent sexy underwear is very common, but why is it so popular?Because it can quickly let the actors and audience enter the characters and atmosphere, and better show the sexy and tempting of the character.

Stockings Sex Locks -Recommended Introduction -level Recommendations

Stockings are suitable for sexy beauties. This kind of sexy underwear is suitable for women of various body shapes. It can better show the lines of hands and feet, highlight the curve of all parts of the body, and appear very striking in the lens.In addition, the price of stockings is relatively low compared to other categories, and it is a recommended entry -level experience.

Plurry underwear -sexy degree again

If you want to further improve the degree of sexuality, and under the premise of ensuring a good viewing experience, you can try to wear cut -out underwear.Their hollow parts can effectively present the lines of women’s bodies, highlight the body curve, and show higher sexy.

Tibetan sexy underwear -gives a strong visual impact

The hammer of the hanging is known for its cool and elegant, never outdated, and super -durable.It not only has a good perception, but also easy to wear, making the actors feel relaxed when shooting, and it is very suitable for women who want to create sexy atmosphere.

Milk Pats Fun Underwear -Provide soft and mild protection for the chest

For actors with insufficient breasts, no arc and bulging sensations, milk stickers are very good choices.Milk stickers can better get close to the chest, create a richer shape, can also provide soft and mild protection to the chest, and it is more suitable for the need for shooting AV.

Positive sexy underwear -let you get rid of the role quickly

Although sexy underwear is sexy as the mainstream, on specific occasions, actors may need to wear positive color -category sexy underwear. This underwear allows actors to quickly switch the role between shooting and show the audience’s multi -facetity.

Net socks sex underwear -can’t cover it, can’t see clearly

Net socks’ sex underwear is very strong through the ability. When wearing it, the body of the wearer’s body is well displayed.The mesh design can effectively cover the body’s defects, make people unclear, and create a higher sexy atmosphere.

Lace erotic underwear -Goddess Fan is full

If you want more noble and elegant taste, then lace sexy underwear will be your first choice.It is based on texture, light and elegant, and it feels very beautiful, noble, and meets the standards of the goddess.

The sexy underwear of taking AV -experience is the key

For actors, shooting a good AV work not only requires the support of acting skills, but also the appropriate sexy underwear is also a very important factor.Among them, the effect effect and dressing experience are two very important aspects. While choosing the right lingerie, it is also necessary to consider the comfortable and natural experience, replace the role of actor, so that she feels the confidence that she has never had before, so that the shooting of the shooting is allowed to shoot the shooting.The work is better.

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