The reaction to the old male sexy underwear

The reaction to the old male sexy underwear

Give a sexy underwear for her husband may be a new attempt to realize sexual life, or it may be to increase the taste and intimacy between husband and wife.However, the facts are not always so smooth, because many factors will affect the result of this decision.This article will analyze the response brought by this behavior from multiple perspectives, as well as how to complete this task as much as possible.

Proper choice of size

Whether sexual underwear is suitable for size is the key to success.If it is too large or too small, it will cause uncomfortable and embarrassing situation.First of all, it is best to take the right size as a husband. If you are not sure, it is recommended to use a professional size manual or consult the clerk in the store.

Choose the right style

Everyone’s preferences are different, and the style of sexy underwear is very selective.Therefore, we should choose the style that conforms to the husband’s preferences and themes as much as possible.Observe the style of the husband’s wardrobe before buying, and compare it, which will help increase his desire and popularity.

Correct time and place

When you want to give your husband a sexy underwear, you need to choose an appropriate time and place.For example, avoid being delivered in public places, in front of your family, on a busy day or after the party is drunk.Choose the right time and place to help improve the success rate of gift giving.

Careful communication

Interest underwear is a sensitive gift, which makes people feel shy.Therefore, when delivering, you need to pay attention to the way of language communication.For example, you can describe it in general, express your preferences, and encourage your husband to wear.In communication, it is necessary to appropriately use tone and body language to enhance the intimacy of expression.


Sex underwear is a new attempt for most men. Therefore, in order to allow her husband to realize its role and value, it can be reminded in a timely manner.For example, emotionally, he felt that he felt closer and sexy; in the body, told him that this was a way to improve the sexual experience.

Good at using atmosphere creation

Promoting the interests between husband and wife and intimacy need to create a suitable atmosphere.It is also important to create a situation for products such as sexy underwear and other experiences.It is best to choose some interesting props such as candlelight, petals, perfumes, etc. to make the gifts more vivid and interesting and romantic.

Respect his rights

Although sexy underwear is an attempt, if the husband does not accept or dislikes it, we should respect his wishes.Gift gifts are to make both sides feel happy and happy, express feelings and care, rather than destroy his lifestyle and values.

For the reaction to sending the old man’s sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the following points: the selection of the right size, the appropriate style, the correct time and place, the way of cautiously communicate, remind timely, be good at using atmosphere creation, and respect his rights.Of course, it is necessary to learn to balance in communication and experience. While respecting, we must strive to broaden the mentality and experience of the gift of the gift, and maximize the use of the gift of the gift.

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