The old man replaced me in sex underwear

The old man replaced me in sex underwear

Sex underwear has always been a weapon that stimulates people’s sexual interest, but choosing a comfortable, suitable and sexy sexy underwear is a science.I bought a hot and sexy sexy underwear in a sexy shop, but couldn’t put it on myself.

Step 1: Understand your body and size

To choose a sexy underwear that suits you, the most important thing is to understand your body and size.When buying, professionals can recommend the appropriate size and style according to their own situation.

Step 2: Choose the right style

Choosing the right style is not only to choose the style you like, but also consider which parts of your body should emphasize.For example, if the hips are too large, you should choose a high -waist style, while the chest is too small, you can choose a style with pads or lace decorations to strengthen the chest lines.

Step 3: Understand the characteristics of different materials

Because sexy underwear focuses on sexy and comfort, the air permeability and touch of the selected material are very important.For example, silk fabrics are comfortable and soft, while lace fabrics are more sexy. Understanding the characteristics of different materials can help better choose.

Step 4: Try a variety of mix

There are not only one set of sexy underwear. You can choose a variety of styles of sexy underwear for matching to increase sexy diversity.If you can choose sexy underwear of different colors and materials, or choose hotter leather styles.

Step 5: Pay attention to detail decoration

Although sexy underwear is mainly sexy, it also focuses on the design of detail decoration.Such as lace, ribbon, hook buckle, etc., while increasing sexy, it also enhances the overall texture of sexy underwear.

Step 6: Try to penetrate before buying

Before buying sexy underwear, it is best to try it on, which helps to test the comfort and appropriateness of underwear.If it is not convenient to try it on when buying, it is best to choose a merchant with a return guarantee.

Step 7: Cooperate with the right underwear

With the appropriate underwear, it is not only conducive to the presentation of the overall effect, but also more comfortable and healthy.For example, sexy underwear and T-BACK underwear can improve sexy, and people with large figures can choose high waist underwear for matching.

Step 8: Give it to professionals

If you can’t put it on or not sure if it is appropriate, you may wish to give it to the professionals.For example, you can meet with private shopping consultants and old men to help wear it. This can not only solve the problem of penetrating and off, but also get more professional suggestions.

Summary point of view:

Choosing the right sexy underwear and dressing can make people better show their sexy and charm, but also pay attention to the comfort and health factors of the underwear.When buying or wear, understanding your body and needs, as well as choosing the style, size and underwear that suits you.

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