The names of each part of the sex underwear

The names of each part of the sex underwear

Sexy underwear is one of the categories of sexy and charming women’s underwear. Many people do not know the names of various parts of the sexy underwear.Below, this article will introduce the names of various sex underwear in detail to help you better understand them.

1. Cup type

The cup type of sexy underwear is usually expressed in letters, including A, B, C, D, E, etc.Among them, the A cup indicates that the chest is small, and the E cup is vice versa.When buying sexy underwear, it is very important to understand your own cup type, allowing you to buy more suitable underwear.

Two, shoulder strap

The shoulder strap is an important part of sexy underwear, which is generally connected to the ring strap with the buckle of the back.When choosing a sexy underwear, the width and length of the shoulder strap also need to be considered to ensure that the comfort and appearance can meet the needs.

Three, front buckle

The front buckle of the sexy underwear refers to the component of the two cups, usually a small buttons, and some are hook buckle design.The fun underwear design of the front buckle is easy to wear and take off, and has a beautiful shape and sexy effect.

Fourth, back buckle

The back buckle is the main buckle position of sexy underwear, and it is also a part of regulating the bust. The design needs to take into account the sexy, comfortable and tough aspects to provide the best dressing experience.

Five, waist

The design of some sexy underwear adopts an anthropomorphic shape. At this time, the waist has become an important area and needs special attention.The material, design and size of the waist will affect the overall appearance and dressing feel of the underwear.

Six, underwear back and back back

Like traditional underwear, the underwear of sex underwear is also divided into front, back, and back.When buying sexy underwear, understanding your size is the foundation, and you also need to consider personal preferences and appearance requirements.

Seven, legs

The design of some erotic underwear uses elements such as short skirts and thigh rings. It needs to pay special attention to the design and material of the legs to ensure comfort and visual effects.

Eight, belly

The belly is another part of the information in the sexy underwear that needs to be followed. The design here needs to take into account the comfort, personal sense, and liposuction effect to achieve the best visual and wearing experience.

Nine, cleavage

The lactal groove design of the sexy underwear uses the curvature and curve of the internal convex and exterior to emphasizes the beauty of the chest curve. At the same time, it must also ensure the quality of the underwear to protect the health of the chest.

10. Overall design

The overall design of sexy underwear needs to consider the three factors of shape, lines and fabrics. Among them, shape and lines are the key to reflecting sexy and fashionable. Fabrics are important factors to ensure comfort and health.


The above is the introduction of the names of all parts of the sex underwear and its related characteristics. I hope it can help you understand the composition of love lingerie.When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to choose from your physical characteristics and wear needs in order to maximize the charm of underwear.

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