The milk sticker of sexy underwear can be washed

Introduction to the milk sticker of sexy underwear

Sex underwear usually has a lot of tricks, some of which may need to be used with milk stickers.Milk stickers are a lightweight mask used on breasts and nipples. They are usually made of adhesive materials and have the characteristics of reusable use or abandonment.Milk stickers can increase the three -dimensional sense of the chest, cover the traces of tape or underwear around the chest, and use it with sexy lingerie to create a charming and sexy effect.

Whether the milk sticker can be washed water

So can milk stickers be washed?The answer is okay.Most of the milk stickers on the market can be washed water, and some need to be dry or hand -washed.However, the use of milk should be followed when cleaning the correct method to avoid damage or loss of adhesion.

Preparation before use

Before use, we need to clean the breast skin and keep it dry, clean, and no fat.These preparations are to make milk stickers better fit the surface of the breast and avoid slipping.

cleaning method

Next, we need to clean the milk stickers: First, tear the milk post slowly from the breast to keep the milk sticker complete; second, wash the dust, bacteria, and fat on the surface of the milk on the surface of the milk, and use it with it, and use it with it and use it.The paper towels gently dry the water on the surface of the milk sticker.If the inherent adhesion is reduced with the milk, it can be stained with an appropriate amount of water to restore it to the adhesive adventure again.

How to deal with dry cleaning or hand washing

If the milk stickers are used in high -end sexy underwear types, or their texture needs additional protection and is not easy to clean the use of water, they need to be cleaned or hand -cleaned.Dry cleaning allows users to restore the milk sticker to its initial adhesive concentration under the soft processing method.Manual cleaning needs to put the milk in an appropriate amount of water, add the cleaning agent, and clean it without mandatory friction.

Maintenance and storage

After cleaning, put the milk in a cool and dry place to dry to avoid direct sunlight. Do not put the milk sticker or fold to avoid affecting its stickiness.In order to maintain the milk sticker for a long time and prevent its glue from failing, the milk stickers can be stored in the dust bag after use.

Need to change the milk sticker moment

In the end, it is necessary to remind you that if the milk patch has been used for a long time, the viscosity gradually decreases, or it has obvious itching, pain, discomfort, or skin redness when using the milk sticker, or if the skin is swollen, you need to replace it in time to replace it in time.The milk paste.

in conclusion

In general, milk stickers are sexy accessories that can be purchased separately, and whether it can be washed with water is yes.However, when cleaning and maintaining milk stickers, we need to follow some correct methods to avoid damaging the stickiness and texture of the milk patch itself.I believe that as long as you can clean and store milk stickers in the correct way, every time you wear sexy sexy underwear will make you shine and confident!

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