The male lead wears sexy underwear novels for the female lead

The male lead wears sexy underwear novels for the female lead

Section 1: Introduce the plot background

To celebrate the female lead’s birthday, the male lead bought a set of sexy sexy underwear as a gift.He decided to surprise her on the night of the female lead and dedicated the gift to her.

Section 2: Introduce the type of sexy underwear

The types of sexy underwear are very diverse, with different styles, materials and styles.When the male lead chose a black perspective lace jumpsuit, he could highlight the beautiful figure of the heroine.

Third paragraph: The female lead receives the gift

The hostess was very happy when receiving the gift. She liked this sexy style and thought that the male lead knew her thoughts very much.The heroine kissed the male lead gratefully, so that the male lead had a different feeling.

Fourth paragraph: the male lead puts a sexy underwear for the heroine

The male lead hopes that the female lead will put on this set of fun underwear, but the female lead has no experience and a little shy.So the male lead decided to do this sexy underwear for herself.

Fifth paragraph: feelings in the heart of the male lead

In the process of wearing a sexy underwear for the heroine, the male lead felt the softness of the female lead and the curve of the body.The male lead also felt his heartbeat accelerated and wanted to be with the female lead more intimately.

Section 6: The trembling of the heroine

The heroine felt that the hero’s hand was walking around her, and her body began to tremble slightly, and felt that her body was slowly melted.

Seventh paragraph: the process description of the male lead

The process of the male lead was very slow. He carefully helped the female lead to put on all parts of the sexy underwear and gave the female lead enough caressing and psychotherapy.

Paragraph eighth: the last response of the heroine

The heroine put on a sexy lingerie, standing in front of the male lead, showing her perfect figure.The male lead was also attracted by the heroine’s body. The two were embracing the feeling of love and beauty.

Conclusion: Sexual feelings can not only increase the taste of two people, but also make the relationship between the two people closer.I hope that in life, men and women can try more about sexual erotic lingerie, so that they will love each other more and love life.

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