The landlord even wore a messy underwear

Strange landlord

Renting a house is a very common thing, and everyone rents the house more than once.However, this story happened to my friend, which really surprised me.

The first day of staying

My friend, let me call him Xiaoyang and find a good house on the Internet.When he stayed on the first day, he found a very strange thing:

Strange sexy underwear

Xiao Yang’s landlord is a 50 -year -old man who even wore a sexy underwear at home.What’s even more strange is that when he greeted Xiaoyang, he stood at the door of the room and called a kiss charmingly.

The explanation of the landlord

When Xiaoyang was at a loss, the landlord said naturally: "Don’t worry, I’m just taking clothes."

Constantly appear

Over time, Xiao Yang found that the landlord often worked at home in sexy underwear.He will also invite some female friends to play at home.

Have nowhere to hide

Every time Xiao Yang has to go to the bathroom, he must pass through the living room.Each time the landlord’s room, Xiao Yang’s neck twisted naturally.However, every action of Xiao Yang seemed to be seen by the landlord.

Neighbor’s conversation

Xiao Yang met his neighbors of the landlord. They told Xiaoyang, "Don’t mess with that landlord. He often wore sexy underwear at home."

Discover camera

Xiao Yang found a camera in the landlord’s room.He felt very disturbed and suspected that the landlord was monitoring him.Xiaoyang began to consider moving.

Silent fear

Xiao Yang felt silent every day in the room.He couldn’t get a good rest, because his landlord was so strange.

Decision of moving away

After thinking about it for a long time, Xiaoyang finally decided to move.He didn’t want to live under the same roof with this strange landlord.

Final idea

This is a very strange story, but we can’t simply evaluate others.We should care about those who are forced to move away from the place because they cannot endure bad behaviors.

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